Age of Innocence

In the beginning, there were the Gelfling, living without care on Thra. Aughra was created from the rocks and trees, because Thra knew of the impending dangers it would face. Soon after she was born, Aughra communed with the Gelfling, learned to dreamfast, and taught them practical affairs about survival on Thra. As time passed, Aughra became more and more interested in life beyond Thra and turned her attention to the study of astronomy. The next 1,000 trine is what we call the First Age of Aughra – the Age of Innocence.

Age of Harmony

The Age of Harmony is defined as the period between the Great Conjunction that brought the urSkeks to Thra, and the Great Conjunction that split them into the urRu and Skeksis. In this time, Gelfling civilization flowered. Seven clans rose to prominence, with a single queen serving as arbitrator and ritual guardian of all Gelfling.

Age of Division

At the close of the Age of Harmony, the second Great Conjunction occurred and marked the beginning of the Age of Division. During this Great Conjunction, the urSkeks stepped into the light of the suns that filtered through the Crystal and refracted through the urSkeks’ mirrors. Unintentionally, the urSkeks were split into two separate creatures: the Skeksis and the urRu. While the Skeksis were rapacious, whimsical and cruel, the urRu, dubbed the “Mystics” by the Gelfling, were creative and healing creatures.

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