When the Mystics left the Castle of the Crystal, they settled in a tranquil valley just beyond the reach of the Dark Wood. The valley, a spiral of powerfully shaped stones, was so decorated and transformed during the centuries of urRu occupation that it is hard to say where the natural structures end and the sculpture begins. The urRu made their homes in the caves and tunnels in the valley’s walls, shaped by trans-mutative powers and gentle, powerful chants. The spiral path leading up to the complex of caves ends at the cave of urSu the Master.

Standing Stones

The Standing Stones, to which the valley owed its protection, were arranged by urTih the Alchemist in patterns that both formed spirals and circles of stones and also allowed the figures inscribed on the stones to be reflected from one stone to another, creating a net of protective energy around the whole region. This technique is parallel to the trapping of the energies of the suns and the Crystal in a web of mirrors, as performed by skekTek the Scientist.

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