The highlands to the northeast of the Dark Wood, and north of the Mountains of Grot, are a long stretch of rolling hills and rocky mounds. As the highlands breach into the Mountains of Grot, several of the hills grow extremely high. From the tops, one can see across the entire Skarith Basin.

Aughra’s Observatory

The Observatory was created by the urSkek TekTih to allow Aughra to study the heavens and prepare for the Great Conjunction. It is dominated by a massive metal apparatus consisting of rotating, spinning objects simulating the tri-solar system of Thra. Scattered throughout Aughra’s Observatory are benches and tables filled with alchemical equipment, astrolabes and other scientific devices.

In a system with three suns, astronomical calculations would be extremely complex. Aughra’s astronomy is devised chiefly through intuition and empirical models. The Observatory incorporates an orrery – what we would call a working model of the solar system.

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