The Mountains of Grot, and their internal Caves of Grot, occupy the mountains that rise on the east of the Dark Wood, a huge network of caves and tunnels that tangle within the dark stone. Every tunnel wall is covered in dream-etching and illustrations of the many Gelfling myths and lore. Glowing moss grows in many of the cracks and etchings, and the shadows are teeming with crawlies.


Home of the mysterious Grottan clan, Domrak is a village cavern deep in the mountains. A mirror-like lake lies at the bottom of the basin, and the Grottan make their homes in pockets carved in the walls of the cavern. High above, a hole in the top of the cavern opens to the outside world, but it is so distant it seems more like a tiny moon in a dark sky.

The Sanctuary

High in the Mountains of Grot is a steep mountain corrie overgrown with petrified giant mushrooms. Here, the Grottan Gelfling meditate, listening to the echoing song of Thra which is said to still whisper through the mountains. The Sanctuary is also said to be the original nesting grounds of the extinct Bell-Bird.

Vliste-Staba, the Sanctuary Tree

Perched on the hills that roll down from the Mountains of Grot is a wise old tree with pink petals. When the wind is right, the petals from this tree can fly to almost anywhere in the Skarith Region.

The Tomb of Relics

Deeper still in the Caves of Grot is a library of ancient chambers interconnected by book-lined tunnels. Every chamber is full of artifacts   on shelves, on the ground, in crates, in barrels, in chests. Here, the Grottan bring ancient relics of the Gelfling culture for safekeeping. Anything could be here, but no one would ever find it.

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