List of Locations

Aughra’s Observatory

The Observatory was created by the urSkek TekTih to allow Aughra to study the heavens and prepare for the Great Conjunction. It is dominated by a massive metal apparatus consisting of rotating, spinning objects simulating the tri-solar system of Thra. Scattered throughout Aughra’s Observatory are benches and tables filled with alchemical equipment, astrolabes and other scientific devices.

In a system with three suns, astronomical calculations would be extremely complex. Aughra’s astronomy is devised chiefly through intuition and empirical models. The Observatory incorporates an orrery – what we would call a working model of the solar system.

The Black River

The lifeblood of the Skarith Basin region, the Black River begins high in the mountains to the southeast and travels all the way to Ha’rar on the northern shore. The water appears black due to the coal-black rocks that line the riverbed; however, over time as the land darkened, the waters themselves grew black as night.

The Castle of the Crystal

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The sometime-home of the Sifa Gelfling, Cera-Na is a port frequented by any number of Sifan ships and crews at any given time. If one is lucky when they arrive, they may have the chance to see Omerya, the Sifan Maudra’s beautiful coral ship, drifting in the bay.

The Coast of the Silver Sea

The Silver Sea is a cold, ice-laden ocean which borders the Skarith Region to the north. To cross it seems impossible, for one might fall over the edge of the horizon into whatever lands lie beyond.

The Circle of the Suns

A place regarded with much respect – and often fear – by the Dousan, the Circle of the Suns is a tall stone monument in the Crystal Desert, atop which sits an ancient ruin. Some say on clear nights, strange sounds like music, wailing, or laughter can be heard coming from its peak…

The Crystal Desert & the Claw Mountains

A multi-colored crystal-sand desert populated by large crystals. At night, there is no light coming from the land and all that can be seen are the stars. The crystal sand refracts light, especially from a certain distance, causing an undulating, rainbow effect. Large crystal reefs interrupt the dunes, reflecting and intensifying the hot sunlight that saturates the area.

Bordering the Crystal Sea to the west and the north are the red Claw Mountains, jagged formations of hard rock whose shadows hide many secrets.


Home of the mysterious Grottan clan, Domrak is a village cavern deep in the mountains. A mirror-like lake lies at the bottom of the basin, and the Grottan make their homes in pockets carved in the walls of the cavern. High above, a hole in the top of the cavern opens to the outside world, but it is so distant it seems more like a tiny moon in a dark sky.

The Endless Forest

The forest which fills the basin that makes up the majority of the Skarith Region, the Dark Wood sprawls from the eastern border of the Crystal Sea to the western foot of the Grottan Mountains. It is fed by the Black River and its terrain ranges from broad-leafed woodlands to bogs and marshy, overgrown swamps.

After the Crystal cracked and the Skeksis began experimenting with its power, the Dark Wood became a more dangerous and menacing place. As the Crystal darkened the land, the Dark Wood was the first to be affected. Eventually, near the end of the Age of Division, hardly anything was left of this once lush wood – replaced by a barren, darkened wasteland that surrounded the Castle of the Crystal.

The Field of Fire

The Field of Fire is Thra’s inner sun, a huge ball of radiation that warms and lights the core of the world. It is home to many races unheard of on the surface, including Makraks and Firelings. Likewise, most creatures from the Field of Fire have never seen the surface, as passage between the two regions is extremely difficult.

Great Smerth

Deep in the heart of the Swamp of Sog is Great Smerth: an ancient tree so large, the entire Drenchen Gelfling clan makes their home in its living body.


Once the snowy home of the Vapra clan, this silver and white city sat on the cliffs overlooking the Silver Sea. At the city’s northernmost point was the Vapra Citadel, in which rested the throne of the All-Maudra.

The High Hills & the Caves of Grot

The highlands to the northeast of the Dark Wood are a long stretch of rolling hills and rocky mounds. As the highlands breach into the Mountains of Grot, several of the hills grow extremely high. From the tops, one can see across the entire Skarith Basin.

The nearby Mountains of Grot, and their internal Caves of Grot, occupy the mountains that rise on the east of the Dark Wood, a huge network of caves and tunnels that tangle within the dark stone. Every tunnel wall is covered in dream-etching and illustrations of the many Gelfling myths and lore. Glowing moss grows in many of the cracks and etchings, and the shadows are teeming with crawlies.

Namopo Valley

At the northern border of the Great Wood, the Black River travels through a wide, rocky ravine called Namopo Valley. Because it was heavily protected and the cliffs were easy to carve, many Gelfling fled here during the Garthim Wars.

Olyeka-Staba, the Cradle Tree

A large tree stands in the western region of the Dark Wood, bigger and older than any of the other trees in the forest. This is Olyeka-Staba, the Cradle Tree – rumored to be the tree from which the entire forest originates.

The Sanctuary

High in the Mountains of Grot is a steep mountain corrie overgrown with petrified giant mushrooms. Here, the Grottan Gelfling meditate, listening to the echoing song of Thra which is said to still whisper through the mountains. The Sanctuary is also said to be the original nesting grounds of the extinct Bell-Bird.

Sami Thicket

The home of the Spriton clan, this village occupied a small thicket in the northeastern region of the plains. Although most Spriton lived with their families outside of Sami Thicket, the clan often gathered in the village for special occasions.

Standing Stones

The Standing Stones, to which the valley owed its protection, were arranged by urTih the Alchemist in patterns that both formed spirals and circles of stones and also allowed the figures inscribed on the stones to be reflected from one stone to another, creating a net of protective energy around the whole region. This technique is parallel to the trapping of the energies of the suns and the Crystal in a web of mirrors, as performed by skekTek the Scientist.


The second largest Gelfling village and the hometown of the proud Stonewood clan, Stone-in-the-Wood was also the hometown of the legendary Gelfling hero Jarra-Jen. The village was built around a large mound of boulders and rocks, overgrown with moss, trees, roots, and other forest greenery. Houses were built into the nooks and crannies of the mound, either made in the dens created by the rocks or built into the trees that now grow among the stones. At the top of the rock mount are talking stones: tablets and walls dream-etched with the legends and folklore of the Stonewood clan.

The Swamp of Sog

At the southernmost edge of the Skarith Region lies a seemingly infinite bog called the Swamp of Sog. Overgrown with lumbering apeknot trees and filled with deep trenches of mud and fresh bogwater, this tangled wilderness means almost certain doom for anyone not prepared.

The Tomb of Relics

Deeper still in the Caves of Grot is a library of ancient chambers interconnected by book-lined tunnels. Every chamber is full of artifacts on shelves, on the ground, in crates, in barrels, in chests. Here, the Grottan bring ancient relics of the Gelfling culture for safekeeping. Anything could be here, but no one would ever find it.

Valley of the Mystics

When the Mystics left the Castle of the Crystal, they settled in a tranquil valley just beyond the reach of the Dark Wood. The valley, a spiral of powerfully shaped stones, was so decorated and transformed during the centuries of urRu occupation that it is hard to say where the natural structures end and the sculpture begins. The urRu made their homes in the caves and tunnels in the valley’s walls, shaped by trans-mutative powers and gentle, powerful chants. The spiral path leading up to the complex of caves ends at the cave of urSu the Master.

Vliste-Staba, the Sanctuary Tree

Perched on the hills that roll down from the Mountains of Grot is a wise old tree with pink petals. When the wind is right, the petals from this tree can fly to almost anywhere in the Skarith Region.

The Wasteland

Far east of the Mountains of Grot is a wide, barren land in which no plants grow and no creatures live. It is said on the other end of the Wasteland there may be an entrance to the Field of Fire, but no one has ever returned from that journey…

The Wellspring

Protected by the Claw Mountains and an ancient, enormous tree, is a verdant oasis called the Wellspring. Here, the Dousan Gelfling gather and meet between long pilgrimages and journeys into the desert.