Aughra’s Orrery

The Observatory was created by the urSkek TekTih to allow Aughra to study the heavens and prepare for the Great Conjunction. It is dominated by a massive metal apparatus consisting of rotating, spinning objects simulating the tri-solar system of Thra. Scattered throughout Aughra’s Observatory are benches and tables filled with alchemical equipment, astrolabes and other scientific devices.

In a system with three suns, astronomical calculations would be extremely complex. Aughra’s astronomy is devised chiefly through intuition and empirical models. The Observatory incorporates an orrery – what we would call a working model of the solar system.

The Bone Firca

Forged from the bones of a Bell-bird, the Bone Firca is a flute-like instrument created by a Spriton Song-Teller that is said to be able to sing with the Song of Thra itself. While the bone that it is made of was originally white, it became a brown, earthy color after being touched by the radiant heat of Gelfling magic.

Crucible of Stone in the Wood 

To observe their ancient tradition of destroying their weapons after battle, the Stonewood built a forge, the Crucible, in the center of their village. Here, they dispose of swords and other battle arms, in the hopes they might never be used again.

The Crystal 

The Crystal of Truth is the heart of Thra, contained beneath a mountain. When the urSkeks arrived, they hollowed out the mountain around the Crystal and built a castle of lesser crystals (called the Castle of the Crystal) around the great Crystal. They made the three walls of blocks of crystal, and above the Crystal they made a great portal of three sides. So when the Suns moved over the Crystal, they stood framed in the portal, a triangle surrounding a circle.

After the Second Great Conjunction, when the urSkeks are split into Skeksis and urRu, a Skeksis cracks the Crystal. When cracked, the Crystal changes color from white to violet, becoming the Dark Crystal.

skekTek the Scientist studied the Dark Crystal, and learned how to make beams of light, which he burned into the eyes of Gelfling and Pod People to make them his slaves. He then used the dark light to draw the essence of life, draining it from the living for the Skeksis to drink to slow aging.

The Dark Crystal is healed by Jen, a Gefling, during the Third Great Conjunction. It once again becomes the Crystal of Truth.

The Crystal Shard

A shard from the Crystal of Truth, broken shortly after the urSkeks were split into the Skeksis and the urRu. It responds to the song of Thra, and is said to be able to heal the Crystal. But it has gone missing for many Trine, and not even Aughra knows where it is…

Dual Glaive

A sword created by skekGra and urGoh, foretold to be able to end the Skeksis rule over the Crystal and the Gelfling. By design, it breaks into two separate blades, and must be combined for its full power to be unleashed.

The Living Crown

An ancient Gelfling artifact, the All-Maudra’s Living Crown was worn by the matriarch of the Gelfling. Upon her eventual passing, it would divide into seven pieces. Six of these pieces would be brought to the remaining Gelfling Maudra of the other clans, thus bringing the news of the All-Maudra’s passing and summoning them to the coronation of the new All-Maudra.

The Wall of Destiny 

When the Skeksis began to take Gelfling, as well as Pod People, as slaves, the Gelfling were dismayed. For once they thought of the future. The Gelfling sought to know if the Crystal might be healed and if the Skeksis rule must continue. They lit the fires of prophecy and took counsel from the flames. Seven circles of seven Gelfling lay on the hilltops all night; their faces to the stars. Their dreams were made of stone; the Wall of Destiny still stands. There the Gelfling were shown the quest for the lost shard, and they were shown the healing of the Crystal by the hand of a Gelfling, replacing the Shard by the light of a Great Conjunction. And there, too, they were shown the ruin of the Gelfling and the fall of their houses. And the Wall stood for all to see.