urUtt the Weaver

UrUtt the Weaver wears a rust colored robe with dark red cuffs and back. He has a curl on top of his head and is often seen with his loom. His Skeksis counterpart is skekEkt the Ornamentalist.


UrUtt the Weaver at his loom

The blanket coats of all the urRu were made by urUtt the Weaver. He created very delicate work from his thick fingers. Each coat was a record of its wearer’s thought and fate, with spirals that were also a comment on his past life and that controlled his dreams. At an urRu’s last breath, the coat became as delicate and transparent as gossamer, then collapsed as the body beneath it vanished and the thoughts within its weaving were released.

Concept art of UrUtt the Weaver

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