urSu the Master

UrSu the Master wears a cream and green robe with swirls throughout, covered by a large blanket. His Skeksis counterpart is skekSo the Emperor.


urSu the Master chose death that the balance of urRu and Skeksis might be broken. He was always wise and subtle in meditation beyond understanding.

“Eight urRu found death, seeing it foretold in their sand paintings and whirling stones. Whenever an urRu died in the valley, a Skeksis died in the castle, for their bodies were divided but their souls were still linked. Ten were left, the number of stability and completeness needed to sustain the council for the urRu. Of the dead I will not speak, for their presence may be felt anywhere; learn from them yourself. Only of the living will I speak. I will record the name of urSu the Master, who chose death that the balance of urRu and Skeksis might be broken. Wise he was always and subtle in meditation beyond my understanding.” – Aughra

Jen and Ursu the Master

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