UrAmaj the Cook

UrAmaj the Cook wears a dark grey robe covered in blue stones outlined by green and blue accents; his Skeksis counterpart is skekAyuk the Gourmand. UrNol the Herbalist’s Skeksis counterpart skekNa the Slave Master.


urAmaj the Cook
urNol the Herbalist

The closest two among the urRu were urAmaj the Cook and urNol the Herbalist. Together they attended to the body and spirits of their companions. Over much time, urAmaj would blend the flavors and textures of fruit and root and grain and spice, sour and sweet, salt and aromatic, smooth and granular and fibrous, until the dish had the desired properties to soothe the urRu. UrNol’s herbs were taken for adjustment in the time between meals; and he made particular use of both birds’ feathers and mosses and lichen that grew on the Standing Stones, the location of his favorite gardens.

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