SkekZok the Ritual Master wears a gold robe with crescent ornamenting, with a large gold and red filled collar, and a hat with a single cream feather. His urRu (Mystic) counterpart is urZah the Ritual Guardian.

skekZok the Ritual Master


Concept art of skekZok by Brian Froud

SkekZok the Ritual Master was thought to hold control of the court entirely in his own hands. He had the ear of skekSo the Emperor, whose wishes were absolute; no one could hope for success except through skekZok. The other Skeksis he sought to rule through prophecies he invented and false apparitions he conjured. SkekZok found that the Emperor raised favorites only to enjoy the pleasure of their fall, while other distrustful Skeksis practiced their own secret divinations. 

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