SkekSo wears a white lace robe and is very thin. His urRu (Mystic) counterpart is urSu the Master.


SkekSo the Emperor

In his first days of glory, skekSo the Emperor held court not only over the Skeksis, but over many Gelfling that went to serve in the Castle. They shone in his glory; they carved and sang and painted and danced from the pleasure of the court. On all the days of feasting, the Emperor led the processions and the dances of life and pleasure. His voice was always heard above a multitude; and in tournaments, he bore down all rivals. In those days the Skeksis were still radiant with energy. They were never still. But that radiance diminished as their true nature came to light and intensified. None was more terribly changed than the Emperor. He kept his power until the end. There was no way for the Skeksis to gain ascendancy, other than through skekSo’s favor, which was easily withdrawn. But his vigor lessened, his suspicions grew, his sight weakened, and ulcers burst from his skin. He sought elixirs and enchantments to restore his rotting body, never with more than a few days’ success. All awaited his death.

Concept art of skekSo’s chambers

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