SkekAyuk wears a dark gold robe with a large gold, white-filled collar. His urRu (Mystic) counterpart is urAmaj the Cook.


SkekAyuk had a jowly, sweaty head with bushy eyebrows. When he talked he would continuously burp, spraying food and saliva, stuffing food into his cheeks, and lifting his head to swallow like a pelican. Wine stains and bits of incrusted food covered his clothing. Slaves always carried trays of food for him – silver goblets, small sugar things, and tidbits for him to nibble. When his stomach bulged, his clothing popped buttons, revealing a fleshy pink body underneath. The feasts prepared by skekAyuk the Gourmand and his teams of harassed slaves did not satisfy his appetite for long. Hot spices, sweet liqueurs, and cream-rich sauces were his delight. He boasted that he had a different menu for every feast. 

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