Two feet tall, gangly, monstrous, wears jumper-like clothing or a cloaked robe. Raunip is described as Aughra‘s son, but the method of his birth is unknown.



Way back in the murk of time, Aughra saw a rock fall from the heavens. The blazing rock was magnificent in otherness. She concluded that it could only be an artifact from another Thra, cast across the great spread of night. Being a creature of curiosity, Aughra trekked a great distance in search of its place of landing. Seeing it for the first time led her to the notion that the grains of light in the sea of black above were perhaps themselves other worlds and other suns. And that the ground she stood on was, in turn, but a speck of reflective sand to those above. In a single moment, her mind, always vast with potential, brushed away the last cobwebs of confusion in her understanding of things. Then there was the castaway rock itself. In its pulsing heart, Aughra could see life. Life that had been once before on one of those distant islands of light in the night sky, in some other time. Aughra pulled that dormant life from the rock in those early days of magic, investing it with the stuff of Thra where needed. And from this mixture of the alien and the familiar… a child to her was born.

He was a sullen child, possessive of his mother’s attention. Quick to anger, he was also a trickster and troublemaker. He never liked the urSkeks or how they changed his mother.

The knowledge of his own creation descended upon Raunip with all the weight of a mountain. Raunip, you are from me as well as the stars. You are many, many things. But most of all… you were a gift of knowledge. You made my world more. More inspiring. Yes. – Aughra

When the urSkeks arrived on Thra, Raunip was suspicious of them. Little was known of where they came from or why the left their world. Raunip sought answers, and learned that the urSkeks were banished from their home. He then rallied the Gelfling to riot against the urSkeks. Raunip and Aughra argued, for Aughra did not see things the same as Raunip. 

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