“Pod People” is a convenient rendering of apopiapoiopidiappididiapipob, the name they use among themselves roughly signifying “master gardeners who live in bulging plants.” They love laughter, feasting and music, and have their own language. They adopted Kira when the Garthim took her family.


The Pod People were highly skilled gardeners who lived inside great Pod plants. They had reached an advanced stage of symbiosis with the Pod plant, but also cultivated many other fruits and vegetables. They domesticated the Nebrie grub, their totem animal, from whose milk they made cheese and whose actions gave them auguries. They had also domesticated the Fizzgig, an active quadruped who they raised to herd nebrie and occasionaly used for keeping watch on plant tendrils. Their music, to judge by their instruments, was based on harmony quite close to our own. 

The Garthim disrupted their peaceful peasant lives when they began to carry off the Pod People to the Castle. There, drained of their essence by skekTek the Scientist, they were reduced to slaves and made to serve the Skeksis’ decadent lifestyle.

“Only in the protected valley was there peace, and among the quiet plants of the Pod People. These did not foresee the evils they would suffer from; they felt only the joy of abundance of their plants and the herding of their Nebrie grubs. They tended all things that grew, above all the great Pod plants in whose vast seed-pods they made their villages; there they thought only of laughter, food, and music. Their music stayed simple and unchanged – alas, the only joy left in our suffering World.” – Aughra 

After the Garthim took Kira’s mother, the Pod People adopted her (and named her Kira). They taught her herbalism and how to speak to living things. She learned to live in harmony with the woodland creatures that inhabited the swamps and forests surrounding the Podling village.

Kira brought Jen to the Podling village during their journey to the Castle. The Pod People prepared a feast for them, a festive occasion filled with food, music and dancing. But the Garthim raided the village and captured the Podlings, taking them to the CastleJen and Kira narrowly escaped.

Some Known Pod People:


Kotha had a gift for animal soul-speaking that allowed him to understand warnings from other creatures. This allowed him to interpret the frantic messages from Frii-trii, and to call the Landstriders to aid Kel and Gyr when they were fighting the Skeksis after the division that split the urSkeks. After the death of his mother and clan elder, he was chosen as the symbol of leadership and council for the tribe.


Hakmeena was Kotha’s mother and clan elder. She perished in the great quake that occurred after the Skeksis cracked the Crystal.

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