Basic Information

Clan Name: The Vapra
Hometown: Ha’rar
Region: Northern Mountains
Maudra: All-Maudra (Mayrin)
Totem animal: Imperial Unamoth


Core element: Light
Clan color: Silver
Sigil color: Purple / silver
Pennant color: Purple w/ gold & silver detail

Spelling & Style

Noun singular: Vapra
Noun plural: Vapra
Adjective: Vapran

Vapran Characters in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”

  • Brea
  • Tavra
  • Seladon
  • All-Maudra
  • Mira
  • Librarian
  • Daudran
  • Vapran Husband
  • Vapran Wife
  • Overdressed Gelfling Woman
  • Member of the Lesser Service #1 – 3
  • Peppy Gelfling
  • Proud Tailor
  • Proud Tailor’s Wife
  • BG Vapra #1 – 5
  • Generic Vapra #1, 2
  • Librarian’s Wife
  • Ha’rar BG Vapra #1
  • Baby Kira
  • Paladin #1 – 5
  • Senior Paladin #1, 2
  • Red-Haired Paladin
  • Frantic Paladin
  • Gate Paladin
  • Withered Paladin
  • Castle Guard #4

Vapran Character Traits

  • Resourceful
  • Noble
  • Academic
  • Competitive
  • Entitled
  • Pretentious

Clan Description

The most recent in a long succession of Vapran All­-Maudras, All­-Maudra Mayrin was groomed from a young age be the matriarch of the Vapra and — by extension — of all the Gelfling of Thra (the Vapra having been favored by the Skeksis to rule over all the other six clans). In turn, she strives to pass on her diplomatic and political wisdom to her daughters. She both respects and fears the Skeksis, to whom she must report as their chosen Gelfling ambassador. In return, the Vapra bask in the favor of the Skeksis lords, enjoying wealth and security in their mountainous, snow-covered home: Ha’rar.

The industrious Vapra benefit not only from the Skeksis’ favor, but also from the vast natural resources available to them by way of the Silver Sea and the mountains surrounding Ha’rar. They are skilled metalworkers, both practical and ornamental. Many of the Vapra are also literate, a rarity among Gelfling, and frequent the labyrinthine and beautiful Vapran library.

Vapran soldiers are known as paladins. Led by Princess Tavra, they protect Ha’rar and its citadel, as well as accompany trade caravans heading south to the other Gelfling clans. Many are skilled fencers and Landstrider riders, and those with wings are particularly adept at airborne operations.

The Vapra enjoy relative prestige among the Gelfling clans, though some resent their superior attitudes. Their access to the minerals and metals found within the Silver Sea cliffs have made them artisans and scholars.

Further Facts about the Vapra Clan

Normally pale-skinned with silver hair.

Although the Vapra are generally impervious to the cold weather, ice, and snow, they still may dress in cloaks and hoods to protect their clothing and fancy hair and jewelry from the elements.

Due to the position of Ha’rar on the Silver Sea, the Vapra benefit from trade with both the Sifa and the clans of the mainland. Due to this trade economy, the Vapra consider themselves cosmopolitan… although they never really leave the comfort of Ha’rar.

The Vapra keep Landstrider herds in pens south of Ha’rar.

Clan of Kira from the original movie.