Basic Information

Clan Name: The Stonewood
Hometown: Stone-in-the-Wood
Region: Endless Forest
Maudra: Maudra Fara
Totem animal: Fizzgig


Core element: Fire
Clan color: Red
Sigil color: Beige / green / earthly tones
Pennant color: Red w/ green & yellow detail

Spelling & Style

Noun singular: Stonewood
Noun plural: Stonewood
Adjective: Stonewood

Stonewood Characters in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”

  • Rian
  • Maudra Fara
  • Ordon
  • Generic Stonewood #1 – 6
  • BG Stonewood #1, 3
  • Stonewood Warrior #1 – 5
  • Castle Guard #1, 2, 6

Stonewood Character Traits

  • Industrious
  • Proud
  • Confident
  • Single-Minded
  • Haughty
  • Brash

Clan Description

Proud Maudra Fara leads her clan, also a warrior clan, in mighty Stone-­in-­the-­Wood, a village in the Endless Forest not too distant from the Castle of the Crystal. Maudra Fara believes in strength and loyalty, and will do whatever she believes is necessary for the good of her clan. She rules from her throne in the Stonewood Great Hall. She is usually attended by Baffi, her pet Fizzgig.

Though Ha’rar may be the Skeksis-­ordained capital of the Gelfling world, Maudra Fara’s central Stone­-in-­the-­Wood is full of life and the songs of heroes current and long past. At the center of Stone-in-the-Wood is a monument called the Crucible, which also serves as the Stonewood clan’s hearth. After battle, the Stonewood Gelfling discard their weapons into the Crucible, which burns with an everlasting flame. This ritual symbolizes leaving the violence of war in the past. Hundreds of swords and spears have been deposited into the Crucible over many trine.

Because Stone-­in-­the-­Wood is so close to the Skeksis’ castle, Stonewood are often called upon to serve as guards on the castle grounds. This prestige, in addition to the wealth of resources provided by the Endless Forest, has allowed the Stonewood to thrive and flourish. Unfortunately, it has also left a competitive streak among these forest-­dwelling Gelfling—one that neighboring clans are quick to notice in their occasional rivalries.

Their occupations, aside from the warrior life and Crystal Castle Guard, would probably include woodworking, stone masonry, and building. They are hard-working, proud, and a bit rowdy. The Stonewood think of themselves as tougher and more resilient than the other clans. Other clans find the Stonewood arrogant and aggressive.

Further Facts about the Stonewood Clan

Stone-in-the-Wood is the second largest Gelfling settlement after Ha’rar.

The Stonewood consider themselves the ‘hearth’ of the Gelfling race (it is said that Stone-in-the- Wood is the ancestral home of the Gelfling) and embody the element of fire as it pertains to gathering around a fire surrounded by the wilderness.

Closest clan to the castle, living near where the forest meets the plains, surrounded by woodland and with views down over the valley.

Clan of Jen from the original movie.

Whilst not referenced directly in DC:AOR, Jarra-Jen, the legendary folk hero, was of the Stonewood clan. His courageous and daring exploits fortify the Stonewood’s perception of themselves as warriors, heroes, and adventurers.

Preferred weapon: Spears made of wood