Basic Information

Clan Name: The Spriton
Hometown: Sami Thicket
Region: Spriton Plains
Maudra: Maudra Mera
Totem animal: Landstrider


Core element: Earth
Clan color: Green
Sigil color: Green
Pennant color: Beige /w gold & green detail

Spelling & Style

Noun singular: Spriton
Noun plural: Spriton
Adjective: Spriton

Spriton Characters in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”

  • Kylan
  • Maudra Mera
  • Spriton Baby
  • Spriton Dad
  • Spriton Mom
  • Spriton Warrior #1
  • Castle Guard #3
  • Castle Guard #5

Spriton Character Traits

  • Independent
  • Hard-working
  • Strategic
  • Selfish
  • Particular
  • Old-fashioned

Clan Description

The Spriton are a farming clan living on the southern plains of Thra.

The traditional and shrewd Maudra Mera looks after the Spriton from Sami Thicket, a village nestled in a small wood in the middle of the Spriton Plains. Maudra Mera’s approach to tending her clan begins with enthusiastic loyalty to the Skeksis, in exchange for the blessing of their resources and protection. She will do anything to keep her clan safe.

The Spriton have one primary village, Sami Thicket, with supporting farms scattered across the Spriton Plains. The Spriton have access to the rich, wide, and largely uncultivated plains of these southern areas of Thra. They are also the only clan with territory bordering the Swamp of Sog, and are the only clan in semi-regular contact with the Drenchen. Due to this convenient location, as well as their way of life, the Spriton are often relied upon as providers of simple grains, fruits, and other produce.

While most make their home in Sami Thicket, the Spriton Gelfling spend much of their time traveling to trade in Stone­-in-­the-­Wood, the Castle of the Crystal, and sometimes as far north as Ha’rar. They are knowledgeable in agriculture and creature husbandry, as well as textile creation and other fine arts. They trade in all these things.

Further Facts about the Sifa Clan

Darker skinned with black hair often worn in a long, single braid, jewel-tone eyes. Athletic and graceful. They closely co-exist with Podlings, so may have adopted some of their characteristics. Live in greater harmony with Thra than the nearby Stonewood clan.

Renowned for their knowledge of the soil and agricultural methods. The Spriton are also skilled at artisanal crafts, such as stitching, fabric and textile working, and beading. Their shoes are unparalleled and widely sought.

The Spriton think of themselves as more productive and humble than other clans. Other clans find the Spriton old-fashioned and overly obedient.

Preferred weapon is the bola.