Basic Information

Clan Name: The Sifa
Hometown: Cera-Na
Region: Sifa Coast
Maudra: Maudra Ethri
Totem animal: Hooyim


Core element: Air / wind
Clan color: Yellow
Sigil color: Yellow
Pennant color: Blue / green / yellow / orange

Spelling & Style

Noun singular: Sifa
Noun plural: Sifa
Adjective: Sifan

Sifa Characters in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”

  • Maudra Ethri
  • Cadia
  • Onica
  • Sifan Attendant #1
  • Sifan Attendant #2
  • Generic Sifan #1

Sifa Character Traits

  • Intuitive
  • Adventurous
  • Spiritual
  • Spontaneous
  • Superstitious
  • Materialistic

Clan Description

Maudra Ethri became Maudra of the nomadic, seafaring Sifa clan only a few trine ago, making her the youngest of the current Maudras. She is spiritual and intuitive, relying on her Sifan Far­-Dreamers to guide her decisions—a practice not greatly effective when dealing with the Skeksis. She captains the Sifan clanship, the Omerya, an enormous vessel made of living coral. Given the chance, she would readily take her clan and sail away from the mainland to escape the Skeksis.

The Sifa clan can be found in small envoys sailing the Silver Sea and Sifa Coast. During important seasons and occasions, they gather in the port of Cera­-Na. The Sifa are free­spirited and courageous. Despite their adventurous nature, they can also be overly superstitious. They do not like to remain in one place for long, and are quick to find reasons to depart. Despite their often ephemeral nature, the Sifa are one of the only clans willing to accept Gelfling of other clans into their society. Provided a Gelfling has the wherewithal to survive a fast­paced life aboard a Sifan ship, anyone is welcome.

Very superstitious, often decorated with charms, bangles, beads, etc. More casual and worldly than other Gelfling, dressed for function (sailing and swashbuckling) and not fashion. These Gelfling worship the wind, whose changing whims can mean life or death on the open sea. Though known for their soothsayers, most Sifan are merchants, well traveled and the only Gelfling to harvest the bounty of the ocean. When in port, they’re happy to trade anything and everything – including wisdom. But as an old saying goes, ‘a Sifa does nothing for free.’

Further Facts about the Sifa Clan

Skilled fishermen and sailors, renowned for their survival skills and superstitious natures.

Wavy and curly hair in all colors, diverse skin tones, eyes. The ‘original’ Sifa clan was known for their flame-colored hair, a rare and coveted color among Gelfling, but now they allow any Gelfling into their clan who is willing to complete their joining ritual: Gelfling choose to be Sifa.

Whilst not reference directly in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”, Gyr, legendary song-teller of the Age of Harmony, was a Sifa who discovered the ancient song of the urSkek Dark Heart.

The Sifa consider themselves more politically liberated than the other clans. Other clans find the Sifa irresponsible, untrustworthy, and superstitious.

Preferred weapon is the harpoon.