Rian with the Vial of Essence

Rian has dark hair broken by streaks of blue, gray eyes, and an athletic physique. As befits a guard serving the Castle of the Crystal, he is comfortable in a Landstrider’s saddle or aboard a Skeksis carriage. He is also skilled with many weapons, though he favors the spear and sword. But this captain’s son is not all brawn; he’s a fine hand at the lute if given the chance.

  • GOAL: To tell the Gelfling that the Skeksis Lords have betrayed them
  • CLAN: Stonewood
  • HOMETOWN: Stone-in-the-Wood


Growing up as the son of the Captain of the Guard, Rian never questioned his future. But after fleeing the castle, and burdened with the Skeksis’ terrible secret, Rian knows his dreams of taking after his father can be no more. Marked by the Skeksis as a traitor and a fugitive, he must find a new purpose in the turbulent, dangerous new world he has uncovered.


Rian was a guard at the Castle of the Crystal, where he served the Skeksis Lords along with the other Gelfling guards. When he and his friends Mira and Gurjin went hunting a rogue Silk Spitter in the catacombs beneath the castle, they discovered a horrible secret: Emperor skekSo and the other Skeksis had corrupted the Crystal of Truth, transforming it into the Dark Crystal. Using its awful power, they drained Mira’s life Essence into a glowing liquid that they drank like wine.

Knowing he had to warn the other Gelfling of the Skeksis’ awful treachery, Rian stole the vial of Essence as proof and escaped the castle, fleeing for his life.

After being spurned by Maudra Fara of the Stonewood, Rian hopes to bring his only proof—the vial of Mira’s Essence—to the Gelfling All-Maudra, Mayrin. But reaching her is difficult, especially when he’s being hunted by both the deadly Skeksis Hunter and by his own father, Ordon.

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