Adolescent female Gelfling. Two-and-a-half feet tall, with long fair hair and gossamer wings. Kira wears clothes with Podling designs.



Young Kira with Podling
Kira with Pod People at the Podling village

Kira was one of only two surviving Gelfling following the Garthim War (the other being Jen). Rescued by the Podlings after her mother was dragged off by the Garthim, she learned to live in harmony with the woodland creatures that inhabited the swamps and forests surrounding the Podling village. She was taught herbalism and how to speak to living things.

She met Jen while he was exploring the swamp after he fled from the Garthim. When fate brought Kira and Jen together, she joined him on his quest. They gave each other strength, encouragement, and the will to succeed.


When the Garthim pursued her and Jen on their journey, she sheltered Jen in the Podling village, but the village was raided and destroyed by Garthim soldiers. Jen and Kira fled to the “Houses of the Old Ones” and there they discovered the Wall of Destiny. It is only in that moment that Jen and Kira truly understood the Prophecy; they must take the True Shard to the Castle before the Great Conjunction and heal the Dark Crystal.

Kira with Fizzgig and Landstriders

SkekSil confronted them at the Wall of Destiny, attempting to “make peace,” but Kira kept her wits and the pair of Gelfling fled to the Hill of the Landstriders. Kira summoned a pair of landstriders to help them on their quest. With the landstriders’ help, they swiftly rode to the Castle, fighting off the Garthim raiders, and sneaking into the Castle through the Teeth of Skreesh.

Kira was then captured by SkekSil and he presented her as a hostage to skekUng, the newly crowned Emperor. Because of this deed, SkekSil was then reinstated as Chamberlain. Kira was then taken to the Chamber of Life by skekTek and drained of her essence. Aughra, who was captured during the raid on her Observatory, was also imprisoned in the Chamber of Life (as skekTek sought to drain her essence as well). She urged Kira to fight the effects of the Dark Crystal and Kira did, calling out to the imprisoned animals in the Podling tongue and inciting them to escape their cages and free her.

In the chaos, skekTek was thrown into the shaft below the Dark Crystal and fell down into the Lake of Fire. UrTih, his urRu counterpart, sympathetically died in a flash. Kira, now free of her bonds, fled to the Crystal Chamber.

Her Sacrifice

The SkeksisMystics and Gelfling all converged in the Crystal Chamber as the three suns aligned overhead. The Skeksis spotted Kira and Jen and called on the Garthim to attack. As Jen tried to escape a Garthim attack, he jumped onto the Dark Crystal and dropped the shard. Kira picked up the shard to keep it from the Skeksis, and then sacrificed herself to give the shard to Jen so he could heal the Crystal. Kira was then mortally wounded by skekZok.

Kira with the shard

Because of her sacrifice, Jen was able to heal the Crystal and the urRu and Skeksis are reunited into the urSkeks. The grateful urSkeks restored Kira’s life and departed for their home through the pure Crystal. And with the healing of the Crystal so, too, was Thra healed. The wasteland receded and turned green and vital once again.

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