Adolescent male Gelfling. Three feet tall, with long, thick, dark hair. Wears clothing with urRu designs.



Following the Garthim War, Jen believed he was the last survivor of the Gelfling race. He was raised by the Mystics (urRu) in their valley, and taught to read, count and play music.

Young Jen with urSu the Master

As he laid dying, urSu the Master instructed Jen to visit Aughra and retrieve the True Shard from her.


Distraught, Jen did as his master instructed and began his journey. After retrieving the True Shard from Aughra and witnessing her Observatory raided and destroyed by the Garthim, Jen met Kira and discovered that he was not the only Gelfling who had survived.

Jen identifies the True Shard

Meanwhile, skekSil the Chamberlain was exiled from the Castle after he lost to skekUng in a contest (the Trial by Stone) to succeed the Emperor. Scheming to earn back the favor of the Skeksis court, skekSil followed the Garthim as they pursued Jen and Kira on their journey. Kira sheltered Jen in the Podling village, but the village was also raided and destroyed by Garthim soldiers. Paradoxically, Jen and Kira were saved only by the intervention of the Chamberlain.

Jen and Kira fled to the “Houses of the Old Ones” and there they found the Wall of Destiny. It is only then that they truly understood the Wall of Destiny; they must take the True Shard to the Castle before the Third Great Conjunction and heal the Dark Crystal.

Jen traveling through the bowels of the Castle

SkekSil confronted Jen and Kira at the Wall of Destiny, attempting to (in his words) “make peace,” but Kira kept her wits and the pair of Gelfling fled to the Hill of the Landstriders.

Kira summoned a pair of landstriders to help them on their quest and with the landstriders’ assistance and speed, they swiftly rode to the Castle. They were then able to fight off the Garthim raiders and sneak into the Castle through the Teeth of Skreesh.

Jen, who was injured by skekSil, was revived by Fizzgig. He traveled into the bowels of the Castle, fell into a dark Garthim Pit, and eventually made his way up to the chamber holding the Dark Crystal.

Healing the Dark Crystal

Jen heals the Crystal

The Skeksis, Mystics and Gelfling all converged in the Crystal Chamber as the three suns aligned overhead in the Third Great Conjunction. The Skeksis spotted Kira and Jen, and called on the Garthim to attack. As Jen tried to escape a Garthim attack, he jumped onto the Dark Crystal and dropped the shard. Kira picked up the shard to protect it from the Skeksis and in doing so, sacrificed herself to return the shard to Jen so he could heal the CrystalKira was then mortally wounded by skekZok.

As the light refracted through the Crystal during the Third Great Conjunction, the Skeksis and urRu once again combined to their original form as urSkeks. The grateful urSkeks restored Kira’s life and departed for their home through the pure Crystal. And with the healing of the Crystal, so too was Thra healed. The wasteland receded and turned green and vital once again.

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