Basic Information

Clan Name: The Grottan
Hometown: Domrak
Region: Caves of Grot
Maudra: Maudra Argot
Totem animal: Hollerbat


Core element: Shadow
Clan color: Black / blue
Sigil color: Dark brown / black
Pennant color: Dark blue w/ brown detail

Spelling & Style

Noun singular: Grottan
Noun plural: Grottan
Adjective: Grottan

Grottan Characters in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”

  • Deet
  • Maudra Argot
  • Lath’N
  • Mitjan
  • Bobb’N
  • Generic Grottan #1
  • Generic Grottan #2
  • Generic Grottan #3

Grottan Character Traits

  • Intuitive
  • Introspective
  • Optimistic
  • Naive
  • Sheltered
  • Humble

Clan Description

Maudra Argot is the oldest living maudra. An unstoppable adventurer in her youth, she traveled topside many times and joined the Stonewood in battle against the Arathim. Many trine later, her sight has gone and her body is not as agile—but she is still unstoppable when it comes to taking new challenges head­-on. Feisty and sharp­-witted, she leads the reclusive Grottan clan with blunt advice punctuated with the sharp tapping of her cane. Aware that the other Gelfling look down upon the Grottan, Maudra Argot makes it a priority to encourage and protect her clan, teaching them to draw strength from Thra, and from within.

The Grottan clan live in Domrak, a Gelfling village hidden inside the rocky Caves of Grot. There, they spend most of their time maintaining the caves, gardening, and tending to the creatures that live in the surrounding tunnels, crevices, and ravines. For example, Deet’s fathers tend to the Nurloc herds down at the Nurloc pastures near Domrak (and Deet helps them sometimes). The Caves of Grot glow blue because of glow moss and dimly glowing crystal veins, and the Grottan travel around the waters of their gently glowing caves on small canoes.

Reasons to leave the caves are few and far between, and when a Grottan does leave, it must always be done at night. The bright light of the three suns hurts their large, dark eyes, which are adapted to living in near and total darkness. They have also evolved to have slightly larger ears, and are ghostly pale with white-blond hair. Often dirty, they don’t wear nice things – but they don’t mind. A happy if slightly odd bunch.

Further Facts about the Grottan Clan

Grottan slang terms used to refer to those who live aboveground include ‘daylighter’, ‘sun-brain’, ‘moon-child’, ‘sky-baby’, and ‘tunnel-screamer’. A common Grottan term for ‘aboveground’ is ‘topside’.

Grottan are resourceful and have a number of tricks. Deet can light a fire easily for example. Or an old Grottan trick for clearing out Hollerbat nests is to create smokebombs that sting your eyes. If a Gelfling gets a face-full of smoke, they won’t be able to see straight for three days.

The Grottan haven’t been topside in many years, so when they arrive at the final battle in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”, Lath’N’s line is apt: “the Grottan face the suns once again!”

Glow moss is a major food staple in the caves, which makes the Gelfling glow as well when consumed.

Whilst not referenced directly in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”, the Grottan are also the keepers of the Tomb of Relics, a place where all the important artifacts of Gelfling culture are stored. Because of this legacy, the Grottan are also really into collecting (hoarding) old things and wearing them in ways that maybe those things weren’t originally meant to be worn (maybe they weren’t meant to be worn at all).

The Grottan think of themselves as more in tune with the Heart of Thra than other clans. Other clans don’t even think the dirty, weird Grottan exist.