Basic Information

Clan Name: The Drenchen
Hometown: Great Smerth
Region: Swamp of Sog
Maudra: Maudra Laesid
Totem animal: Muski


Core element: Water
Clan color: Light blue
Sigil color: Brown / light blue
Pennant color: Blue / green

Spelling & Style

Noun singular: Drenchen
Noun plural: Drenchen
Adjective: Drenchen

Drenchen Characters in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”

  • Gurjin
  • Naia
  • Maudra Laesid

Drenchen Character Traits

  • Social
  • Intuitive
  • Caring
  • Self-centered
  • Stubborn
  • Self-important

Clan Description

Maudra Laesid is the hard­-talking Drenchen leader, and the mother of Gurjin and Naia. While she has earned the trust of her clan with her no-­nonsense, stubborn attitude, living in the distant Swamp of Sog has left her out of touch with the rest of the world. But the one thing Maudra Laesid is not out of touch with are her children. When she hears the rumors that Rian and Gurjin have betrayed the Skeksis, she does not hesitate to side with her son, and sends her daughter Naia to find and redeem him.

The Drenchen are fierce warriors who mostly reside deep in the Swamp of Sog (a.k.a. ‘the Great Sog’ or ‘the Sog’), in a village called Great Smerth, a settlement encircling an ancient tree known as the Great Smerth. At home in both the canopy and the peaty bog, they are skilled rope workers and bola throwers. They are also the only Gelfling with gills that allow them to breathe underwater, and they have smaller wings that are used more frequently as fins than for flying.

Further Facts about the Drenchen Clan

The Drenchen are primarily a hunter-gatherer clan. They live in close communion with their environment. Their clan’s village (Great Smerth) is built inside and around a huge, living tree (the Great Smerth), with huts connected by rope and other textiles woven from moss, roots, vines, etc. They have limited exposure to other clans, and operate largely in the bountiful — yet closed — eco/biosphere. The Drenchen are so remote and inconveniently located that not even the Skeksis visit during the tithing.

The Drenchen are the only amphibious Gelfling.

Most have dreadlocks encouraged by moss and algae, decorated with colorful beads, ribbon, etc.

The Drenchen think of themselves as more pragmatic and practical than other clans. Other clans are known to find the Drenchen uncultured and rude. They can also be seen by the other clans as oafish and unclean, but this swamp-dwelling clan are neither.

Early developmental references: Amazonian / Pacific Islanders, Polynesian.