Basic Information

Clan Name: The Dousan
Hometown: The Wellspring
Region: Crystal Desert
Maudra: Maudra Seethi
Totem animal: Unknown


Core element: Lightning
Clan color: Orange
Sigil color: Darker yellow/orange
Pennant color: Orange, blue, yellow

Spelling & Style

Noun singular: Dousan
Noun plural: Dousan
Adjective: Dousan

Dousan Characters in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”

  • Maudra Seethi
  • Rek’yr
  • Dousan Sailor #1
  • Dousan Sailor #2
  • Dousan Sailor #3

Dousan Character Traits

  • Traditional
  • Introspective
  • Spiritual
  • Lonely
  • Fatalistic
  • Aloof

Clan Description

Maudra Seethi is the matriarch of the Dousan, leading her nomadic clan with the help of several sandmaster captains. She is quiet and ageless, preferring to listen rather than to speak, and to perceive rather than to judge. Maudra Seethi takes her role of passing on the legacy of Gelfling funerary rites seriously. As the Dousan are rarely gathered in one place, this means relying on a close-­knit group of apprentices called sandmasters, who bear the will and authority of their Maudra when she is unable to attend events in person.

The Dousan travel the Crystal Desert aboard their Crystal Skimmers, huge ray-like creatures, seeking wisdom and enlightenment within the vast and changing sands. In difficult times, or when called by the sandmaster council and Maudra Seethi, the Dousan gather at the Wellspring, a verdant oasis deep in the Crystal Desert.

They are experts at navigating the Crystal Desert, dressed for travel and the constant heat of the three suns. The Dousan can be more focused on the afterlife than their living life and so can be immaterial and simplistic in their habits and lifestyles. As they believe the threshold between the living realm and the realm of the dead is very thin, they have no apprehensions in utilizing the bones and other remains of deceased creatures as tools, shelter, or instruments. Their weapon of choice is the bone dagger. The Dousan think of themselves as more profound and spiritually aware than other clans. Others can find the Dousan morbid and creepy.

Further Facts about the Dousan Clan

The Dousan are an extremely elusive clan found in the Crystal Desert. They are secretive and inward-looking.

They navigate the dangerous shifting sands of the desert by riding on on large ray-like creatures called Crystal Skimmers. This is referred to as ‘sailing’. Dousan who sail Crystal Skimmers are known as Dousan sailors (a.k.a. Sand Mariners).

Dousan shamans hold ancient rituals involving music, and are known across Thra for their close affinity with the circle of life and death. They refer to deaths as ‘passings’ and worship something known as ‘the Great All’. Rek’yr’s tribute to the death of the All-Maudra in 106 goes as follows “Gidakai kae. To the Great All. May the dead become one with Thra again. May we feel their tears in rain and their warmth in the suns. Though they are gone, they remain with us still.”

The Dousan rarely travel beyond their beloved desert, and are the only clan forbidden from being Castle Guards. The other Gelfling have been told by the Skeksis that the Dousan worship death. They gather at the Wellspring, a verdant oasis hidden in the desert, with ‘crystal springs’.

Their musicality is unequaled and songs can be carried to them on the winds of the Crystal Desert.

At the time of the events of “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”, the Dousan consider the Circle of the Suns a cursed, dangerous, forbidden ruin.

Sandmasters hold a more senior rank within the Dousan clan and command regions. Rek’yr for example is ‘Sandmaster of the Southern Xeric’. He has direct command over his crew of Dousan sailors (a.k.a. Sand Mariners).