Deet is small, even for a Gelfling, and very nimble. She learned to fly in the underground ravines near Domrak, and readily applies her deft agility to flying topside. Though her dark eyes allow her to see in pitch black, they are sensitive in daylight at first.

  • GOAL: To travel to Ha’rar to tell the All-Maudra about the darkening
  • CLAN: Grottan
  • HOMETOWN: Domrak


Deet always looks on the bright side, holding on to hope even in the face of the great challenges she encounters. Perhaps more than her friends, she has an affinity for the creatures of Thra. She is creative and kind, eager to overcome adversity and bring out the best in everyone. Sometimes, though, Deet’s willingness to help others and heal the pain she sees around her can become overwhelming. If it means saving the rest of the Gelfling and Thra, Deet may find herself asking how far she would go if she could protect the world she cares about. Though Deet is not yet confident in her ability to bear her own torch, she strives to grow and to use her flame to light the torches of others.


Deet comes from Domrak, a village in the Caves of Grot. She spent most of her time tending to the Nurloc herds that grazed in the deepest parts of the caves. But even the hidden caves were not safe from the darkening. The Nurlocs, usually gentle and kind, were enraged. They attacked, and Deet fell even farther into the caves. When she awoke, she found herself face-to-face with an ancient stone tree. In a psychic dreamfast, the tree told her of the dark presence seeping out of the Castle of the Crystal. When Deet told Maudra Argot and the other Grottan Gelfling what had happened, they knew what she had to do. Deet was sent to the world above the caves to find help from the All-Maudra and the other Gelfling clans.

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