Brea has pale skin, silver hair, and iridescent wings, and is often dressed in the traditional colors of a Vapran princess. Though she is not very skilled in combat, her mind and memory are brimming with knowledge both from the books she’s read in the library and from the time she’s spent with her mother in the Citadel. Most formidable, however, is her ability to persuade with words thanks to her raw honesty and practiced poise. Perhaps all her lessons with her mother and sisters didn’t go to waste!

  • GOAL: To learn the meaning of the Aureyal and set things right among the seven clans
  • CLAN: Vapra
  • HOMETOWN: Ha’rar


Brea studying the Aureyal

Brea is enamored of the songs of the past. She loves the oldest and dustiest books, and has studied many old scripts just so she can read them. She has a particular love for and interest in the stories that explain how things came to be the way they are today. While her two sisters, Seladon and Tavra, spend most of their time in the Citadel throne room and Paladin barracks, respectively, Brea can usually be found in the Vapran library with her nose buried in a dusty tome.


Brea is the youngest daughter of AllMaudra Mayrin, the leader of the Vapra clan. She grew up in snowy Ha’rar, a northern village that faces the expansive Silver Sea. When Brea’s curiosity and keen intelligence brought her to doubt the Skeksis’ rule over the Gelfling, she dove headlong into a search for answers—against her mother’s wishes. What she found was a long-buried chain of secrets, the end of which may lead her to the truth about the Skeksis Lords.

Brea knows that pursuing the truth will not be easy. The Gelfling have settled into the system of clans and leadership of the Skeksis. Brea knows in her heart that clearing the dust from the old songs and reconnecting the seven clans may be the only way to lead the Gelfling out from under the Skeksis’ shadow.

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