Wendy Midener (now known as Wendy Froud) was the creature design and fabrication supervisor for the Gelfling for The Dark Crystal. Wendy grew up in Detroit creating figures of mythical and fantastical creatures out of household items. Her fine art doll making and subsequent gallery show in New York brought her to the attention of Jim Henson who recruited her to work with designer Brian Froud on the film. Midener sculpted the heads of Jen and Kira, the two protagonist Gelflings. The same year, she worked with Stuart Freeborn and Frank Oz to make Yoda for Star Wars. Midener has worked on other Henson projects, including The Muppet MovieThe Muppet Show, and she was central to the design team on Labyrinth. She married Brian Froud, and they have a son Toby who played the baby in Labyrinth and is now an artist. The Frouds live in Devon, England in a 15th century house where they continue to make art and exhibit their work around the world.

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