Mike Quinn was a performer and puppet builder for The Dark Crystal. For the film, he performed the Slave Master Skeksis and was a part of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop building Podlings. As a child, he visited the set of The Muppet Show where he met Jim Henson and other puppeteers for the series. The first Muppet production that he worked on was The Great Muppet Caper where he was part of scenes with large crowds of puppets. Additionally, Quinn has performed on the numerous Henson productions including Fraggle RockMother Goose StoriesLabyrinthThe StorytellerThe Ghost of Faffner HallMuppet Christmas CarolMuppet Treasure Island and Jim Henson’s Animal Show with Stinky and Jake. His work as a puppeteer beyond Henson includes the feature films DreamchildWho Framed Roger RabbitLittle Shop of Horrors, and Return of the Jedi. Quinn has also worked as an animator on Toy Story 2Jurassic Park IIIA Bugs Life, and Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and more recently in the game industry. He continues to puppeteer and joined the team for the 2011 feature, The Muppets.

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