Franz “Faz” Fazakas, described by Jim Henson as “one of the true geniuses of the world,” is credited as the Radio Control Designer for The Dark Crystal. Having come to work with Jim in 1970 to invent radio-controlled eyes for the oversized Muppet Thog (the first time anyone connected radio control with puppetry), Fazakas and his team developed complicated radio control and electro-mechanical techniques for an array of projects, most notably Fraggle Rock. Beyond his contributions to The Dark Crystal, Fazakas’s work on numerous television shows, Labyrinth, and the Muppet feature films allowed Kermit to ride a bike, Emmet Otter to row a boat, Doozers to sing and work, and Mutant Ninja Turtles to tell jokes. In 1992, Fazakas shared in the Academy Award’s Scientific and Engineering Award for his work on the development of the Henson Performance Control System.

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