Legends of the Dark Crystal is an original manga series based in the world of The Dark Crystal. The story is a prequel to the original film, taking place during the time when the Gelfling were hunted by the Skeksis.

The first volume, The Garthim Wars, focuses on two Gelfling – Lahr, a mounder herder, and Neffi, a weaverLahr and Neffi are gentle and fun-loving Gelfling who want little more than to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and love. But when their villages are attacked and plundered by the violent Garthim, their worlds are turned upside down as they narrowly escape with their lives. Now, united against insurmountable odds, the two Gelfling must put aside their peaceful ways and emerge as heroes to lead a frightened neighboring village into something they never thought they’d face – war.

The second volume, Trial by Fire, continues the story of Lahr and Neffi. Although initially unprepared for the savagery unleashed upon them by the cruel Skeksis, the village of gentle Gelfling somehow managed to turn back an onslaught of terrifying Garthim. But the victory came with a price, as many of their tribe were captured and taken prisoner. Lahr and Neffi, the two who inspired these peaceful creatures to stand up against all odds, go where no Gelfling has ever returned from – the dark halls of the Castle of the Crystal.

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