Raised by two incredibly supportive Chinese immigrant parents, Vivian Lee was determined to become a psychiatrist. However, fate dealt Vivian a cruel hand during freshman year at Indiana University in Bloomington — an F in Quantum Physics. So, Vivian turned her fascination with the human psyche into screenwriting. She transferred to the University of Colorado in Boulder and graduated with a BFA in Film Studies and a BA in Journalism.

After working as a Creative Services Assistant at the WB affiliate in San Diego, Vivian moved to Burbank to become an NBC Page. From there, she worked on various TV shows, until landing a gig as a Script Coordinator on the CBS drama Ghost Whisperer where she co-wrote an episode in the fourth season.

A NBC’s Writers On the Verge alumni and WGA Feature Access Project Honoree, Vivian’s credits include the CBS drama Chaos, ABC Family holiday movie Christmas Bounty, Freeform drama Stitchers and Netflix original series Lost in Space.

Vivian also co-wrote the video game Dead To Rights: Retributions and two online animated projects Mr. Chan: Misunderstood Man and BFC (Big F*ckin’ Chicken) which was nominated for the Hollywood Discover Award for Best Short Film at the Hollywood Film Awards in 2012.

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