Wall of Destiny

A dream-etched wall inscribed with hieroglyphs and pictographs describing the Prophecy that will heal the Crystal and re-unify the urSkeks.

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The Wanderer, urGoh 

A new Mystic character introduced for “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” that lives with its Skeksis counterpart the Heretic at the Circle of the Suns.

the Wellspring

A verdant oasis found deep in the Crystal Desert, where the nomadic Dousan gather. Has crystal springs. Brea is invited there by Rek’yr in Ep6. Home of Maudra Seethi and her sandmaster council.

the whisper-stream

A Gelfling term used in Ep6 to refer to the process by which rumors and gossip are originated and circulated among a group of people. Like ‘rumor mill.’


A type of bird. Looks half-bird, half-bug. Scarlet-colored. Plural: ‘Windsifters’. Used to carry the seven pieces of the Living Crown to the seven clan Maudras. Traditional first step in a Gelfling coronation.