A large-winged pearly white insect that sheds its skin once every unum. Native to the northern shores of the Skarith region. The chrysalises are beautiful and crystalline, often used as decoration by Gelfling (especially the Vapra).


The time for Thra’s largest moon to circle Thra once, roughly equivalent to an Earth month.


Medicinal berries used by Dousan shamans to speak with Thra and glimpse into the future. Found in the Wanderer’s personal store at the Circle of the Suns by Deet and Rian in Ep7.


Proper name for the Wanderer (Mystic).


A gentle race with wizened, saurian features. They have wrinkled skin engraved with symbolic patterns, long tails, two pairs of functional arms and fine, long hair. They are called the Mystics by the Gelfling, though due to their aloof nature many Gelfling have never even seen one.

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Proper name for the Archer (Mystic).


An alien race of very tall bipedal humanoids that came to Thra through an energy portal. The urSkeks are capable of such an advanced form of technology that they seem to possess magical powers.

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