Sami Thicket  

In the Spriton Plains, sprawling fields south of the Endless Forest, a small wood is visible from atop a hill. Within the trees are a cluster of Gelfling homes circling a central hearth. This is Sami Thicket, home of the Spriton clan.

Please note no ‘the’: i.e. always just ‘welcome to Sami Thicket.’ 

The Sanctuary Tree 

A majestic stone tree that grows upside down from the ceiling in the Cave of Grot. Its branches reach almost to the ground. Green light emits through its veins. Connects to the Pink Petal Tree above ground. Can talk to those that will hear it.

A great and powerful tree. Like all the all the seven sacred Great Trees, is deeply connected to Thra, to Aughra, and to the Gelfling. It has seen hundreds of trine, both atop the mountains and below them, and when Aughra comes looking for answers, the Sanctuary Tree—as it always has— does its best to give.

For thousands of years, it has battled the encroaching Darkening, protecting the Gelfling that live in the caves. So far, it has endured, but in Ep8 it becomes too much and the tree dies. Before it dies it bequeaths its power to hold back the Darkening to Deet – in its own words ‘a blessing or a curse, I do not know.’

Please note: the Sanctuary Tree can be a location and a character name (like ‘the Gobbles’). For example you can say ‘we are hanging out atthe Sanctuary Tree,’ or you could say ‘we are hanging out withthe Sanctuary Tree.’ 

Sand Mariner 

Alternate name for a Dousan sailor. Title-cased.


Senior Dousan rank. Higher than a Dousan sailor. Sandmasters sit on the sandmaster council and command regions of the Crystal Desert. Rek’yr for example is ‘Sandmaster of the Southern Xeric’. He has direct command over his crew of Dousan sailors (a.k.a. Sand Mariners).

Sandmaster is a title, so always lowercase except before a name (e.g. ‘Sandmaster Rek’yr’) or used to address someone directly (e.g. ‘Behind you, Sandmaster!’)

Sandmaster of the Southern Xeric

Rek’yr’s Dousan title. ‘Sandmaster’ is the title, ‘Southern Xeric’ is the unspecified geographical region he commands in the Crystal Desert.

The Satirist, skekLi

A Skeksis mentioned but not featured in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”.


A singing race of flarefish that live in the fire realm of Thra.

The Scientist, skekTek 

Returning Skeksis from the original movie. Works away in his laboratory. 

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The Scientist’s critters

Various creatures being experimented on by the Scientist. Kept in cages in the lab antechamber. 

The Scientist’s laboratory

Part of the Castle of the Crystal. A bizarre laboratory full of contraptions where the Scientist conducts his experiments. Opens up onto the Crystal shaft, where the Crystal can be lowered in order to be used to drain Gelfling (and others). Attached to an antechamber area full of shrieking caged creatures. Commonly shortened to ‘lab’. 

The Scientist’s lab

Common shortened version of ‘the Scientist’s Laboratory’. 

The Scroll-Keeper, skekOk

Bookish Skeksis in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” who also featured in original movie. Always with a hyphen (although credited as ‘Scrollkeeper’ in the original movie) 

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Vapran princess. Sister of Brea and Tavra. Daughter of All-Maudra Mayrin. Central character in the show. 

The seven clans

A colloquial way of referring to the Gelfling clans. Not a proper noun. Always lowercase.

The seven corners of Thra

A colloquial way of referring to the seven clan regions of Thra. Not a proper noun. Always lowercase.

The shard

The lost shard missing from the cracked Crystal of Truth. The same shard used by Jen to heal the Crystal in the original movie. Also known as ‘the lost shard of the Crystal of Truth’. Not capitalized.


The Scientist’s favorite critter. Kept in a cage in the lab. Green and feathery, with two eye-stalks and a beak. Scientist frequently talks to him. 

Sifa clan

One of the seven Gelfling clans. Seafaring clan living on the Silver Sea and in Cera-Na. Pronounced ‘see-fa’. 

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The Sifa Coast

Western coast of Thra and location of Cera-Na, home of the Sifa clan. Coastal region bordering the Silver Sea. 

Sifan attendant

A servile rank / job title within the Sifa clan.

The Sifan tent 

A makeshift Sifan tent set up on a beach on the shores of the Silver Sea just outside Ha’rar. Where Brea meets Cadia and Onica. 

Silk Spitter

A huge spider-like creature. A subset of the Arathim family. Plural: ‘Silk Spitters’

Please note: ‘Silk Spitter’ has no hyphen.

Silk Spitters are among the largest of the Arathim species. In fact, there is no known limit to the size a Silk Spitter can reach. Called ‘Spitters’ for short, these armored Arathim soldiers do well as solitary hunters and are devastating in groups. They get their name from the sticky strings of webbing they are able to produce, both to build their hives as well as to capture and restrain prey.

The Silver Sea 

Name of the ocean bordering the west and north regions of the Skarith basin. Where the Sifa clan sail their ships. Ha’rar and Cera-Na both sit on the Silver Sea. Beaches along its coast have black sand. 

Please note: ‘Sea’ is always singular, i.e. it is not ‘Silver Seas’, which is a common mistake. 

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the Skarith Basin region

Also known as the ‘Skarith region’ for short.

Not directly referenced in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” but refers to the main map region of “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”. Ha’rar in the North, the Endless Forest in the center, the Spriton Plains and then the Swamp of Sog in the south. And to the west, the Castle of the Crystal and the Sifa Coast.


Proper name for the Gourmand. 

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Proper name for the Ornamentalist. 

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Proper name for the Heretic. 


Proper name for the Collector.


Proper name for the Satirist. 


Proper name for the Hunter.

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Proper name for the Slave Master. 

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Proper name for the Scroll-Keeper. 

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Proper name for the Mariner. 


Proper name for the Chamberlain. 

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A cruel race of creatures possessing the worst traits of reptiles and scavenger birds. The Skeksis have toothy beaks, a sinewy tail and two pairs of arms (one pair is functional, the other is vestigial). They are the darker halves of the urSkeks and are the self-proclaimed Lords of the Dark Crystal.

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Skeksis Book of Law

A triangular, folding book containing the extensive Skeksis laws, which dictate Skeksis rule over the Gelfling. Brea is studying it in Ep1 when she has her vision of the Aureyal.

Skeksis carriage 

An Armalig-drawn carriage made from the skeleton of an enormous sea creature. The Skeksis have a number of these carriages and keep Armaligs in a stable at the castle ready to drive them. Rian escapes from the Chamberlain’s one in Ep5 with the help of Gurjin and Naia. 

Skeksis laws

Laws dictating Skeksis rule over Gelfling. Found written down in the Skeksis Book of Law.


Proper name for the Emperor. 

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Proper name for the Scientist. 

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Proper name for the Garthim Master. 

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Proper name for the General. 


Proper name for the Ritual Master. 

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Term used by the Grottan to refer to those topside. Others include: daylighter, sun-brain, moon-child, tunnel-screamer.

The Slave Master, skekNa 

A Skeksis mentioned but not featured in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”. No hyphen per end credits of original movie.

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Thra insult. Used both by Skeksis (the General) and Gelfling (Gurjin). Made-up word, i.e. no direct translation.


Small bombs. An old Grottan trick for clearing out Hollerbat nests. It stings the eyes. Deet’s father once got a face full of smoke and couldn’t see straight for three days.

snippit root

A root vegetable. Gelfling chew it up for Podlings and then spit it into their mouths in one of the more menial and dreaded tasks of the Order of lesser Service.

snarking woibles

An insult used by Chamberlain as he’s pelted with Peachberry. Made-up word, i.e. no direct translation.


A creature (not built for “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”) that is roasted by the Skeksis. Presumably a pig-like creature. Referenced by the Scroll-Keeper in Ep6 at the Essence-drunken banquet. Essence is said to go very well with it.


Snow exists on Thra and is called… snow.

song teller

Song tellers are Gelfling with the ability to sing songs that pass on stories about long-gone heroes. Not said out loud or referenced in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” but canonical. Kylan is a song teller. No hyphen.

The Sog [uppercase]

Acceptable shortened name for the Swamp of Sog (per Naia’s dialogue in Ep6). 

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sog [lowercase]

Noun (as used by Gurjin in Ep4) referring toa kind of plant (thus why it is not capitalized). Saying ‘eat sog!’  is like telling someone to eat mud. A Drenchen term of disrespect. The Swamp of Sog is named after this plant. 

The Song of Thra 

The sound of the beating heart of Thra. Always capitalized. Since turning her eyes to the stars, Aughra lost the Song of Thra. However in Ep5, with the help of the Archer, she is able to find its tune again. This allows her to look ahead and see the many paths of fate branching out from the present moment, all the possibilities lying ahead.

The Southern Xeric 

Unspecified geographical region, part of the Crystal Desert. Rek’yr is sandmaster of this region.


A derogatory term used by Skeksis to one another.


Shortened colloquial name for a ’Silk Spitter’. 

the Spitter Slayer

Nickname for the legendary Ordon, obtained due to his actions during the (second) Arathim War.

spotted rumpsplickle

A Gelfling illness. Deet thinks about pretending to have it to get into the Ha’rar citadel in Ep5.

Spriton clan

One of the seven Gelfling clans. Live on the Spriton Plains in and around Sami Thicket. Pronounce ‘i’ like ‘high’. 

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The Spriton Plains 

Spriton Plains is the region in which Sami Thicket can be found, home of the Spriton Gelfling

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A small, furry creation of the Skeksis, spyeyes are attached to a subject in groups. They remember what the subject does and says, and one by one leave the subject to return to their master to relay what they have seen and heard.


Refers the Skeksis’ telescope, perched high up on a balcony on their castle. Looks out over the Skarith region. Always lowercase.


Thra insult. Used by a Castle Guard in reference to the Skeksis in Ep6 (‘duplicitous sqyrms!’). Made-up word, i.e. no direct translation.

star signs of Thra

Gelfling star signs. Not referenced in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” but canonical per J.M. Lee quiz book. 

Each of Thra’s nine greater seasons, called ninets, are represented by a constellation that can be found prominently in the night sky during that season. They can also be seen to a lesser degree during the course of a single trine. It is said that the constellation under which one is born can say a lot about a Gelfling. Here are the star signs calculated according to Gregorian Earth calendar (a ninet lasts 100 trine, so is incomparable to a traditional Earth season without conversion):

  • YESMIT (Aughra’s Eye) – Jan 3 – Feb 12
  • EOPI (the Fizzgig) – Feb 13 – March 24
  • ARMIGO (the Unamoth Chrysalis) – March 25 – May 3
  • OBER (the Hollerbat) – May 4 – June 13
  • TRA (the Triangle, or Firca) – June 14 – July 24
  • SOUSHI (the Rope-Weaver) – July 25 – September 2
  • IOLE (the Stone) – September 3 – October 13
  • SUCO (the Spoon) – October 14 – November 23
  • RIJO (the River) – November 24 – Jan 2


Home of the Stonewood clan in the Endless Forest. Bustling town with main thoroughfare. Central monument is known as the Crucible and is also the hearth of the town. Location of the final battle in Ep10.

Note the title-cased ‘Stone’ and ‘Wood’ only. Hyphens are essential. 

Stonewood Brew

A type of alcoholic drink that trickles from the trees into a giant trough called the Brew Trough in Stone-in-the-Wood. A Stonewood delicacy.

Stonewood clan

One of the seven Gelfling clans. Forest-dwelling clan living in and around Stone-in-the-Wood.

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The Stonewood Great Hall 

Central town hall in Stone-in-the-Wood. Where the Stonewood throne sits and the Stonewood maudra holds court. The same throne we see in the Gelfling ruins in the original movie. 

Stonewood warrior

Warriors of the Stonewood clan 


Slang term used by the Grottan to refer to those topside. Others include: daylighter, moon-child, sky-baby, tunnel-screamer.

sun frenzy

Gelfling term. A ‘delirium’ of sorts, generally brought on from extreme exhaustion and prolonged exposure to the sun. A way of calling someone ‘crazy’ or ‘delusional’.

The Swamp of Sog 

At the southernmost edge of the Skarith Region lies a seemingly infinite bog called the Swamp of Sog. The Swamp of Sog is the region in which Great Smerth can be found. The Swamp of Sog is named after a type of plant found only in the swamp called ‘sog’.

Alternate names include ‘the Great Sog’ (per the Ritual-Master in Ep5) and ‘the Sog’ (per Naia in Ep6).

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A creature not built for “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” but referenced. Species of flying beetlefur creatures with strange sleeping patterns. Many act as couriers for the Gelfling clans in exchange for food and shelter.

Alternate spelling: Swoothu. Plural: Swhuthu (no ’s’). Variation referenced in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”: Desert Swhuthu. Desert Swhuthu have glowing milk that, when mixed with water, looks exactly like Gelfling Essence. The Chamberlain uses this mixture to swap out the General’s Essence vial with a fake one in Ep8.