A species of large, carnivorous creatures that hunt in packs. They rose in number and aggression during the Garthim Wars when their hunting activity went unchecked.

The Rascal Hole

A small jail cell in the Stonewood Great Hall. Title-cased and preceded always with ‘the’.


Aughra’s child. Does not feature in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”, nor is he mentioned except in reference to a mountain pass named after him in Ep7.

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Raunip’s Pass

A location in the Northern Mountains selected in Ep6 as the course for Seladon and Maudra Fara’s Trial by Air). Described as a ‘dangerous route’. Named after Aughra’s child, ‘Raunip’. Please note: no ‘the’ – i.e. ‘welcome to Raunip’s Pass’.

Red-Haired Paladin

Hero Paladin with distinctive features. Escapes the castle with Maudra Fara and the heroes in Ep9. 


Charming Dousan Gelfling. Sandmaster of the Southern Xeric. Transports the heroes on the back of his Crystal Skimmer (Bennu) to the Circle of the Suns in Ep6. Pronounced ‘rook-EAR’. 

rent asunder

Emperor refers to the division of the urSkeks as being ‘rent asunder’ in Ep10. This is language from original movie.

the resistance

The Gelfling resistance is occasionally referred to as ‘the resistance.’ This is not a proper noun and therefore never capitalized (of course excluding its usage in the title of the show!).

returning to Thra

Dousan refer to death as their ‘return to Thra’, a reference to the benefit of observing the correct Gelfling proper burial rites – by burying a body you allow it to become one with Thra again. Burning bodies, as Seladon does with the All-Maudra in Ep6, denies the dead Gelfling this opportunity.


One of our three heroes. Stonewood Castle Guard. Pronounced ‘REE-ann’.

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The Ritual Master, skekZok

A returning Skeksis in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” from the original movie. 

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Working name for Armalig during development of “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”; not a term used in the final show. 

The Rose Sun

One of Thra’s three suns, known as the Three Brothers.