The paladins, Vapran soldiers led by Princess Tavra, protect Ha’rar and its citadel, as well as accompany trade caravans heading south to the other Gelfling clans. Many are skilled fencers and Landstrider riders, and those with wings are particularly adept at airborne operations. Because it is a title, always lowercase except when used before a name or in place of a name (for e.g. the General in Ep6 says: ‘You two, Paladins!’)


A term Rek’yr and the Dousan use for ‘death’. Plural: ‘passings’.


A sweet and sour fruit native to the Dark Wood.

the Pearl Moon

One of Thra’s three moons, collectively known as the Three Sisters 

Peeper Beetle 

Ferocious scorpion-like creature found only in the Crystal Desert. Used as punishment by the Skeksis in the Peeper Beetle ceremony. Big and black. Sharp pincers. Eats the Scientist’s eye in Ep2 (which he replaces with his mechanical one in Ep3). Plural: ‘Peeper Beetles’.

Peeper Beetle ceremony

A Skeksis punishment ritual using the ferocious Peeper beetle. 

Peppy Gelfling

Alternative (and former) name for Juni. Production name, i.e. not a proper noun. 

The Pink Petal Tree

A large tree with pink petals overlooking Thra. The aboveground part of the Sanctuary Tree. Used as an entrance in and out of the Caves of Grot (with the help of the Sanctuary Tree’s branches).


A green, rodent-like creature with a long tail. The Librarian has one as a sidekick that loves to eat the paper in all his tomes. Aughra encounters a darkened one at the Pink Petal Tree in Ep5. Note the unique capitalization on the ‘M’. 

Pod People (Podlings)

A peaceful race of small humanoids that resemble potatoes. They enjoy tending their gardens, throwing lavish feasts, playing music, storytelling, singing and dancing. They have little concept of history apart from the passage of seasons and use myths and stories to explain the world in which they live.

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Podling language

The language spoken by the Podlings. Devised by J.M. Lee specifically for “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”. Full grammar rules and dictionary are available. All Podlings in the show speak in this language (except Hup, who speaks progressively more English as the show goes on).

Podling Musicians 

Many Podlings live and some work in the Castle of the Crystal. Any Podlings with musical talents are required to play in the Skeksis’ Podling band in the Emperor’s throne room. 

Podling Servants

Many Podlings live and some work in the Castle of the Crystal. Some serve in the kitchens preparing the Gourmand’s endless banquets. Two are featured heavily in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”. 

Podling village

A Podling settlement in the Endless Forest. The Podlings live in giant, hollowed out gourds and party in their Podling wayhouse (as seen in Ep4). 

Podling wayhouse

The raucous Podling bar in the Podling village, seen in Ep4. 

Praise Thra

Equivalent of ‘thank God’, as said out loud by the Red-Haired Paladin in Ep6.


When used in reference to Lore after he has ‘imprinted’ on Brea in Ep4, ‘protector’ is lowercase.


Thra insult. Used by Aughra in Ep4 in reference to the Skeksis. Made-up word, i.e. no direct translation.

puppet show

A miniature puppet show by the Heretic and the Wanderer in Ep7. Takes place on the Wanderer’s back using miniature hand puppets of the inhabitants of Thra. The show explains the division of the urSkeks and the history of the Heretic and the Wanderer since then, including their creation of the Dual Glaive.

Puppet Show Gelfling 

The miniature Gelfling hand-puppet characters in the puppet show, performed by Barnaby Dixon.