Also known as the Dome of Aughra, the Observatory is Aughra’s home and a place of scientific inquiry created by the urSkeks called TekTih.

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Old Gelfling 

An offshoot variant of the Language of Thra. Seladon sings this when she releases the Windsifters in Ep6. Seladon’s line ‘Ru’Aiki, etc’ is in Old Gelfling.

the Omerya

The Sifan clanship. Not directly referenced in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” but canonical. Maudra Ethri is its captain. Made from living coral. Sails the Silver Sea, up and down the Sifa Coast. When not on the open seas, moored at Cera-Na.


Sifan apprentice that Brea meets in Ep2. 

the Order of Lesser Service

Gelfling community service, led by the Daudran. Brea is sent to the Vapran branch of the Order of Lesser Service in Ep3 as punishment for erasing Elder Cadia’s memory. There she meets a Gelfling called Juni and is forced to do a Podling cleaning ceremony known as the Deterge. Those inside the Order of Lesser Service are called ‘Members of the Lesser Service’.


Rian’s father and captain of the Guard. 

The Ornamentalist, skekEkt 

A returning Skeksis from the original movie.

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A mechanical device used to chart the relative movements of celestial objects.

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