Drenchen Gelfling hero. Twin sister of Gurjin. 


The narrator at the start of Ep1 is known as the Myth-Speaker. 


A large, semi-aquatic swamp grub used by the Podlings as a source of milk. Nebrie grow to match their surroundings; most woodland and plains nebrie live in lakes and pools and do not grow very large. However, swamp nebrie from the Swamp of Sog have been known to reach enormous sizes and grow tusks.

the Needler 

An unspecified and terrifying sounding torture device used by the Skeksis. Heard in Ep2 as a suggested method of punishment for the Scientist. The General proposes they ‘strap [the Scientist] to the Needler!’


One of Thra’s nine orbital season caused by the configuration of the three suns. Arcs in whcih Thra is farthest from the suns are winter ninets; arcs in which Thra is nearest are summer ninets. Each ninet lasts approximately one hundred trine.

The Northern Mountains

Mountain range in the north of Thra. Region where Ha’rar is found. Fjord-like landscape. Title-cased. Not to be confused with the Claw Mountains. 


An ingredient inducing memory loss. Used by Cadia in Ep2 to attempt to wipe Brea’s memory… except Brea manages to switch their cups, causing Cadia to be the one whose memory is wiped!


Closely related to Armaligs, Nurlocs are a large, soft-bodied, armored worm native to the Caves of Grot. While the babies are small and docile, Nurlocs become more obstinate as they grow older. Nurlocs that are fond of the Grottan Gelfling who feed and rear them may sometimes build their nests close to Gelfling passageways, creating inconvenient blockages. Become ferocious and dangerous when darkened, as in Ep1 and Ep8.

Deet’s fathers tend the Nurloc herds. Deet helps them sometimes. Nurloc rump is the softest material a Grottan can use to make their clothes. Deet’s dress is made from Nurloc rump. Plural: ‘Nurlocs’. 

the Nurloc pasture

 One of a number of pastures in the Caves of Grot where the Grottan tend to their Nurlocs. This specific location in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” refers to the one Deet flies past in Ep1.