Makraks (Miners)

A race of sentient, subterranean armored creatures native to Thra’s hot core. When the Crystal was cracked, the Makraks emerged from inside Thra, inadvertently causing damage and destruction in their panic and confusion.

mangy fuzzball

An insult used by the Scroll-Keeper as Baffi the Fizzgig attacks him in Ep10.

The Mariner, skekSa

A Skeksis mentioned but not featured in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”.

magnetostatic field

Draining Essence becomes possible for the Scientist when he accidentally reverses the Crystal’s ‘magnetostatic field’, causing the Crystal to take life instead of give life.


A creature referenced but not featured in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”.

Makraks lived beneath the surface of Thra until the day the Crystal cracked. Forced from their home, the creatures could barely breath the air on the surface and even the rain hurt them. Driven mad with fear and pain, they were mistaken for evil creatures of destruction.

‘Vicious Makraks!’ is an insult used by a Castle Guard in reference to the Skeksis in Ep6. Plural: ‘Makraks’.

the Master, urSu 

A Mystic that does not feature in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” but features in the original movie. The Emperor’s counterpart.

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Matriarchal leader of a clan. Like a queen. All seven clans have their own maudras, but the All-Maudra (also the Vapran maudra) rules over them all. Please note: ‘Maudra; is always lowercase unless part of name (e.g. Maudra Fara) or used in place of a name (e.g. ‘Run, Maudra!’). Very much like the word ‘queen’. In “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”, the plural of maudra is consistently ‘maudras’ (as we hear in the dialogue throughout).

Maudra Argot 

Grottan maudra. Pronounced with a hard ’t’ at the end – i.e. ‘ar-got’. 

Maudra Ethri 

Sifan maudra.

Maudra Fara 

Stonewood maudra. Pronounced ‘fa’ like ‘fat’ or ‘cat’. 

Maudra Laesid 

Drenchen maudra. Pronounced ‘lay-sid’. 

Maudra Mera

Spriton maudra. Pronounced ‘may-ra’ to distinguish from Mira.

Maudra Seethi 

Dousan maudra.


Proper name for the All-Maudra (Mayrin).

Member of the Lesser Service

A Gelfling in the Order of Lesser Service. 


A delicious tuber. It is a traditional food of the Stonewood Gelfling.


The Chamberlain’s term for ‘partying’. Used in Ep6.


Skeksis urination. As in Ep6 when the Chamberlain returns to the castle to find the Gourmand, drunk on Essence, engaging in ‘public micturition.’

the mindsickness 

A contagious Gelfling mental illness of some kind. What the other Gelfling are told Rian has by the Skeksis as they try to cover up Mira’s death. The Skeksis tell them this so that they won’t dreamfast with Rian for fear of catching it.


A kind of cake, like tiny pastries, mini-quiches. Mentioned by the Gelfling Juni in Ep3.


Grottan Gelfling. One of Deet’s fathers. Pronounced ‘mit’ like ‘bit’.


Creature Shop contest winner, designed by a fan.

Found in the sands of the Crystal Desert. A burrowing, furry rodent-like creature with stalk eyes that lives under a shell. Cowardly personality. Eyes will shrink when surprised and head will retract into the shell. Lays eggs and breastfeeds its children.

Rek’yr gifts Brea a necklace made of Moog bone for protection in Ep6. 

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Term used by Grottan to refer to those topside. Others include: daylighter, sun-brain, sky-baby, tunnel-screamer.

Mother Aughra 

A variation of Aughra’s proper name. Always title-cased. Used in dialogue in Ep1 & Ep3 & Ep4. 

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A breed of hairy, horned herd animals employed by Gelfling living in the plains during the Garthim Wars. Not very bright, but fearless of the Garthim.


Flying quilled eels endemic to the Swamp of Sog. Babies are very small, but adults never stop growing. The oldest known muski was said to be as wide as the Black River.

The Myth-Speaker 

Name for the narrator at the start of Ep1.


The urRu. A gentle race with wizened, saurian features. They have wrinkled skin engraved with symbolic patterns, long tails, two pairs of functional arms and fine, long hair. They are called the Mystics by the Gelfling, though due to their aloof nature many Gelfling have never even seen one. 

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