The lab antechamber

An antechamber area full of shrieking caged creatures that is attached to the Scientist’s lab. This is where Gelfling are caged before they are drained. 


ong-limbed creatures capable of fast overland movement. The landstriders are fierce enemies of the Garthim and will attack them on sight.

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the Language of Thra

The most ancient language on Thra. Language that Aughra chants in to find the Song of Thra in Ep5. Seladon releases the Windsifters using ‘Old Gelfling’, an offshoot variant of this language. 


Grottan Gelfling. One of Deet’s fathers. Pronounced ‘lay-th-n’, i.e. an ‘a’ sound like ‘late’ or ‘labor’. Note the unique capitalization on the ‘N’.

Lefar Worms

A wriggling worm eaten alive at the Skeksis’ banquets. A delicacy. The Ornamentalist’s favorite. Pronounced ‘lee-far’. Plural: Lefar Worms. 


Older Vapran Gelfling. Keeper of the Ha’rar library. Has a Pluff’M familiar that eats all his books. 

Living Crown

The crown that the All-Maudra, leader of all the Gelfling, wears. Breaks apart into seven pieces so that when the All-Maudra dies, the seven pieces can be sent ceremoniously (via Windsifter) to each of the seven clans. Each clan’s Maudra must then come together with their individual pieces to decide who the new All-Maudra shall be.


Exactly what it sounds like. Hissing, shifts colors to camouflage itself to what cabinet it protects. Snaps at those who try to get past it. Chamberlain charms it with a pendant and breaks its neck before eating the whole thing.


A nickname Aughra uses for the Archer in Ep4 and Ep6. Always lowercase.


In reference to the Skeksis, always lowercase unless before a title or used in place of a name (in same way term is using in regular English). 

lords of the Crystal

How the Gelfling refer to their Skeksis lords in Ep1. The Skeksis also refer to themselves this way in Ep9 and Ep10. The Skeksis also refer to themselves as ‘lords of Thra’ in Ep1, and ‘regents of Thra’ in Ep9. And Ordon calls them ‘regents of Thra’ in Ep1. However ‘lords of the Crystal’ is the most common and standard way of referring to them.


The gentle rock monster that serves as Brea’s protector. Carries an ancient message left for the heroes by the Heretic and the Wanderer. 

The lost shard of the Crystal of Truth 

Full name for the shard.