A Skeksis ceremony that tests the strength (and by virtue of this, worthiness) of a Skeksis disputing the claim of a rival. The combatants take turns striking a large black stone with heavy swords. The victor is the one who scores the biggest hit on the stone. Last used to determine the Emperor’s successor.


Home of the Vapra clan and seat of the All-Maudra, who rules over all Gelfling from the Ha’rar citadel. Found in the fjord-like Northern Mountains region.

The Ha’rar citadel

A large citadel at the end of the main thoroughfare of Ha’rar. Home of the All-Maudra, Brea, Tavra, and Seladon, and location of the All-Maudra’s court and the Gelfling throne. 

The Ha’rar Foothills

A lightly forested region at the base of the Northern Mountains, near Ha’rar. Title-cased. 

The Ha’rar library

The labyrinthine Vapran library in Ha’rar. Looked after by the Librarian and his Pluff’M familiar, who loves to eat the paper in all his books. Location where we first meet Brea in Ep1. ‘Library’ is never capitalized.


Not referenced or even directly used in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” (perhaps due to the state of the Crystal) but a canonical form of Gelfling magic (per the J.M.Lee books). Not title-cased.

Gelfling healing magic is perhaps one of the most miraculous abilities of all. Healers are able to mend wounds, both physical and mental, by channeling the immense energy of Thra and the Crystal. One must be compassionate and loving in order to harness such powerful energy; healers are both, prioritizing the well-being of others above all else.

the Heart of Thra

A (title-cased) term Aughra and others use for the Crystal of Truth.

The Heretic, skekGra 

A new Skeksis introduced for “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” that lives at the Circle of the Suns. Formerly known as ‘the Conqueror.’

hero of Stone-in-the-Wood

Nickname for the legendary Ordon, obtained due to his actions during the (second) Arathim War. 

heroes of Thra

A term Aughra uses to refer to the Gelfling she has rallied together to lead the Gelfling rebellion against the Skeksis; ‘heroes’ is always lowercase, even when used in this phrase. Used once as a title-cased proper noun by Aughra in the dreamspace in Ep5.

the Hidden Moon

One of Thra’s three moons, collectively known as the Three Sisters 


A small, legless, flying creature native to the Caves of Grott. Feeds on glowing moss, and often fly in swarms.


One of the many colorful leaping fish species that migrate in large schools along the northern Sifan coasts. Often called the jewels of the sea.

the hunt 

(As said by the Hunter): always lowercase. Literally refers to the Hunter’s hunt du jour.

The Hunter, skekMal 

A ferocious new Skeksis introduced in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”. 

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Podling hero. A Podling chef who dreams of being a paladin. Journeys to Ha’rar with Deet.