Huge, armored soldiers created by the Skeksis and animated by the power of the Dark Crystal. The Garthim feel no pain, know no fear and have no mercy. They are used to raid Podling and Gelfling villages, capture, kill and destroy.

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The Garthim Master, skekUng

A Skeksis mentioned but not featured in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”. No hyphen per end credits of original movie.


Intelligent elfin humanoids, approximately three-four feet tall, with delicate features, long and pointed ears and four-fingered hands. Female Gelfling have diaphanous wings which enable them to glide short distances. Gelfling are capable of telepathic communication called Dreamfasting. 

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Gelfling funerals

There are many rituals the Gelfling perform for their dead, but every clan’s tradition includes burial. In this way, the Gelfling are returned to Thra. Kylan is well versed in many of these Gelfling rituals, including those of Gelfling long past that were preserved through song.

Gelfling Gathering

The Gelfling Gathering occurred in the time between the second Great Conjunction and the creation of the Wall of Destiny. During the Gelfling Gathering, the seven Gelfling clans aimed to form a united front to defeat the Skeksis and heal their divided world.

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Gelfling magic

Gelfling magic is a special way that the Gelfling connect with and express their connection to Thra and the Crystal of Truth. Not overtly referenced in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”, but Gelfling magic refers to dreamfasting, dream-stitching, healing, far-dreaming, etc.

The General, skekVar 

A new Skeksis introduced in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”. Not to be confused with the Garthim Master, who was originally known as ‘the General’ before taking on the title ‘Garthim Master’. This is the ‘original’ General. Dies in Ep10.


Same as the English definition – i.e. “a round rock which contains a hollow cavity lined with crystals”. The geode this refers to in the show is a special one of these which is inserted into Lore’s head in order to bring him to life. Essentially Lore’s ‘on and off switch’.

glider seed

A floating seed used by Kylan to dreamstitch the All-Maudra’s memory in Ep6. Released into the sky of the Crystal Desert by the Gelfling heroes as they sing a song of mourning. Not title-cased (flora).

glow moss

Glowing moss found all over the Caves of Grot. Food staple for the Grottan. Causes those who eat it to glow. Deet sometimes just shortens it to ‘moss’, which for a Grottan is perfectly acceptable.

Please note: not title-cased and no hyphen, although sometimes hyphenated, which is acceptable… just.

The Gobbles 

(1) The creature: Giant, undulating, dangerous pit of onion-shaped snapping bulbs. Like quicksand, but will eat you alive if you go near it. Found in the Endless Forest. (2) The place: The location in the Endless Forest where the Gobbles (creature) can be found.

Please note: Per above, ’the Gobbles’ can be a location and a character name (like ‘the Sanctuary Tree’). It is a singularpronoun referring to boththe creature and the place the creature lives in the forest. For example, Rian says the line ‘when we fought the Hunter in the Gobbles’. But he could also say ‘my father was eaten alive by the Gobbles.’ Both uses are correct. To reiterate, neither the creature or the place can be pluralized. Despite the ’s’ they are both singular pronouns.

The Gourmand, skekAyuk 

A Skeksis returning in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” from the original movie.

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The Great All

The Dousan worship some mystical concept known as ’the Great All’. As Rek’yr says in Ep6: ‘Gidakai kae. To the Great All. May the dead become one with Thra again. May we feel their tears in rain and their warmth in the suns. Though they are gone, they remain with us still.’

Great Conjunction

An astronomical event where the three suns of Thra appear to converge at a single point in the sky.

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The Great Library 

Proper noun for a big library within the Castle of the Crystal. The Scroll-Keeper is in charge of it. Brea references it in Ep1. It contains tomes that go back a thousand trine. It is considered forbidden to all Gelfling by the Scroll-Keeper. It doesn’t feature in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance: but it is discussed.

Great Smerth (town)

The Drenchen mostly reside in Great Smerth, a town named after the enormous and ancient tree in its center. Found in the south, deep in the Swamp of Sog. Gelfling homes are nestled within the bark and branches of the tree, safe and protected.

Please note: there is no ‘the’ before ‘Great Smerth’ when referring to the town. Using ‘the’ changes to meaning to the tree, which preceded the town is known as ‘the Great Smerth’.

The Great Smerth (tree)

One of the seven sacred Great Trees. Found in the Swamp of Sog. The Drenchen have settled at this tree, building a town around it known as Great Smerth.

Please note: always preceded with ‘the’ (when in reference to the tree).

The Great Sog

An alternative name (colloquial) used for the Swamp of Sog region. Used by the Ritual Master in Ep5. 

The Great Sun 

One of Thra’s three suns, known as the Three Brothers.

The Great Trees 

Proper name (capitalized) for seven ancient and sacred trees in Thra. One is the Sanctuary Tree, another is the Great Smerth, the others aren’t referenced in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”. Ancient, wise, living trees.

Grillo’s Lexicon of Lesser Astrography

A book in the Ha’rar library. Puerto Rican pronunciation of ‘Grillo’ (i.e. ‘gree-joe’).


An acceptable alternate name for the Caves of Grot. Used in the show by Seladon in Ep6.

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Grottan clan

One of the seven Gelfling clans. Cave-dwelling clan living deep underground in the Caves of Grot. Their main settlement is Domrak. Deet’s clan.

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These pitiable creatures were mostly eradicated many trine ago. Some survived and two were later captured by the Chamberlain (from Sifan Mariners) to assist the Scientist in his lab. In order to prevent them from sharing the secrets, their lips have been sewn shut—they can never tell the Scientist that they actually work for the Chamberlain. Based off Jim Henson’s unused designs for a mining race in the original movie. Plural: ‘Gruenaks’.

The Guard

Capitalized proper name for the group of Gelfling guards protecting the Skeksis at the castle. Like ‘The Night’s Watch.’ The leader is known as ‘the captain of the Guard’. In “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”, this is Ordon.


When used in reference to Lore after he has ‘imprinted’ on Brea in Ep4, ‘guardian’ is lowercase.


Drenchen Gelfling hero. Castle Guard and Rian’s best friend. Naia’s twin brother.

Gyr’s Omnibus on Brevity

A book in the Ha’rar library. ‘Gyr’ (a famous mythical figure amongst the Gelfling) is pronounced ‘gear’, i.e. hard ‘g’ and rhymes with ‘fear’.