A piece of flora indigenous to the mountainous regions, found alongside gnarled trees high up on the mountain. Not referenced in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” but canonical (per J.M.Lee books).


A Y-shaped flute carried by the Gelfling Jen. Due to its shape, it’s able to produce two tones at the same time.


A small, glowing inverted sack-shaped bug. Like a flying glow-worm. Bottled up by the Stonewood clan in circular jars, which are in turn hung from the ceiling of the Stonewood Great Hall with rope in order to illuminate the room.


A psychic means of communication between Firelings and flame.


Firelings are a race of creatures that live at the very center of Thra. Though they seem similar to Gelflings, their bodies are constantly on fire and emanate heat.

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fires of resistance

Not title-cased. Also known as the ‘fires of rebellion’. Refers to the blue fires in Ep9 that connect all the Gelfling clans in unity against the Skeksis.

The First Arathim War

The first of the Arathim Wars.

five ocular castigations

Five torture methods, presumably involving removal of the eyeball, ominously referred to by the Skeksis in the lead-up to the Peeper Beetle ceremony in Ep2. The Peeper Beetle is one of the five (and the Ritual Master’s favorite!). The other four are unknown…


These furry, energetic critters native to the Endless Forest are often kept as pets—but only by those who are up to the challenge of their rambunctious nature. Wild Fizzgigs roll in small packs, while those kept domestically tend to be choosy about what other creatures share their space. Once a Fizzgig chooses an owner, they can become protective and loyal, making them a wise choice of companion for any Gelfling who travels alone. 

Among Gelfling communities, Fizzgigs are rowdy and energetic little furballs notorious for their rambunctious shenanigans. They’re social and love to play and make noise—if there’s a Fizzgig in the area, you’ll hear it sooner or later. If someone says you’re ferocious as a Fizzgig they mean it as a compliment, though they might be teasing just a little about your bark being bigger than your bite! Totem animal of the Stonewood clan. Fizzgigs have four legs (two visible at the front and two hidden at the back).

Please note: in the original movie ‘Fizzgig’ was the proper name of Kira’s pet, rather than the species name. However in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” it is the proper name for the species. We guess this variation in usage occurred simply because Kira, who was not raised in Gelfling society, doesn’t know any better.

Please also note: Strictly speaking, the plural of Fizzgig is ‘Fizzgigs’; however the plural of Fizzgig is occasionally stated in dialogue as ‘Fizzgig’, including a couple of times in”The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”, which suggests it could be colloquial or informal to pluralize this way in certain groupings on Thra.

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flat-footed Nebrie

A light and friendly way of accusing someone of being slow is to call them a ‘flat-footed Nebrie’. Nebries are large grub-like creatures from the Endless Forest (as seen in the original movie).