A Thra creature (not created for “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”) that a Castle Guard refers to in Ep3 as he attempts to escort Aughra from the castle.


A Gelfling elder. Not title-cased, except before a name or used in place of a name.

Ember Queens

The counsel of matriarchs which govern the Fireling people.

The Emperor, skekSo

Another iconic Skeksis in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”, first seen in the original movie (where he dies).

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The Endless Forest 

The expansive, lush, living forest covering a vast central region in Thra. Sits east of the basin where the Castle of the Crystal is located. Home of the Podling village and Stone-in-the-Wood. Sometimes also known as the ‘Endless Wood’ (rare) or the ‘Dark Wood’ (common).

The Endless Wood

Rarely-used variant name of the Endless Forest.


The life force of a living thing. Title-cased proper noun ‘Essence’ is derived from the term ‘life essence’. Makes the Skeksis feel strong and young again when they drink it in liquid form. Must be drained out of living things using the corrupted Crystal of Truth in order to be obtained. Gelfling have the most rejuvenating Essence because they are ‘the closest to Thra.’