A six-legged desert-dwelling creatures with large dorsal scales and broad hooves. Frequently domesticated by the Dousan Gelfling clan.

dangle the tail

An unspecified and ominous sounding form of Skeksis torture suggested by the Gourmand to punish the Scientist in Ep2.

Dark Crystal

The name for the Crystal of Truth after it was fractured. It is a deep violet color and emits corrupting energy.

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Dark Wood

Fairly commonly used variant name of the Endless Forest.


Adjective to describe a living thing infected with the Darkening. Not title-cased.

The Darkening

The corruption of all living things on Thra. An infectious contamination within the Crystal of Truth and within Thra. Title-cased.

Crystal veins, originating from, the Crystal of Truth in the Skeksis’ castle, spread throughout Thra and deliver life to all things. Normally clear and bright, the Crystal veins of Thra have become ill. In their blight, they turn dark and purple—contact with them causes madness and rage in the usually peaceful creatures of Thra. The Gelfling are unaware what causes the Darkening; in Ep5, the All-Maudra refers to it as a ‘strange blight marked by purple veins in the ground.’

The Darkening cannot be destroyed, but it can be absorbed. The Sanctuary Tree has this power and bequeaths it to Deet upon its death in Ep9. Deet is then cursed with the power to absorb the Darkening – whilst it allows her to save her friends, it has essentially contaminated her. As shown by the Emperor’s grossly decaying face and body, too much exposure to the Darkening is extremely dangerous.

The Darkening Chamber 

A secretive chamber deep in the catacombs with Darkening tendrils seeping out of a large crack in the ground. A secret only to the Emperor, until he shows it to the General in Ep7.


Job title for the leader of a branch of the Order of Lesser Service, a kind of Gelfling community service. The leader of the Vapran branch is known in the show by his title, i.e. as simply ‘Daudran’


A slang term used by the Grottan to refer to those topside. Others include: sun-brain, moon-child, sky-baby, tunnel-screamer.

death (Thra)

Known as ‘returning to Thra’.

Death Stingers

A clan of the Arathim characterized by gauzy, thick webs and deadly venom. Death Stingers grow indefinitely, so their sizes range from very small to very large.


One of our three heroes. Full name: ‘Deethra’. Grottan.

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Deet’s full name.

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Desert Swhuthu 

Desert variation of a creature known as the Swhuthu.

The Deterge 

One of the tasks in the Order of Lesser Service. Involves washing dirty Podlings.Physically cleaning Podlings is seen to have the benefit of metaphorically cleansing oneself of past mistakes.Pronounced like ‘detergent’, i.e. with a ‘j’ sound.


Grottan hometown in the Caves of Grot. Sits in an echoing cavern alongside a maze of tunnels and running water. Gelfling homes are carved into every face of the rock. The sound of music, crackling of hearthfire, and distant rush of waterfalls can all be heard in the distance.

Dousan clan

One of the seven Gelfling clans. Nomadic clan living in the Crystal Desert. ‘Dousan’ pronounced with equal weight on both symbols, i.e. ‘DOO-SAN’.

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Dousan sailor

A Dousan rank under sandmaster. Skilled sailors of Crystal Skimmers. Also known as a ‘Sand Mariners’ (title-cased).


Insult used by the Stonewood Gelfling to the Skeksis when they find out in Ep6 that they are draining Gelfling of their Essence.

draining chair

Chairs designed to strap victims into when draining their Essence with the draining machine.

draining machine

The Scientist’s machine in his laboratory built to drain Essence using the Crystal.

dream-etch (verb)

The act of dreaming something physical into being, done by one or more Gelfling. The more Gelfling involved in a dream-etching, the more powerful the creation. In an emotional dreamfast in Ep4, the Gelfling heroes dream-etch the Aureyal into a table at the Podling Wayhouse. Not title-cased. Noun is ‘a dream-etching’. A person who dream-etches is ‘a dream etcher’. Hyphen is preferred but varies across usage.


The act of dreaming something physical into being, done by one or more Gelfling. The more Gelfling involved in a dream-etching, the more powerful the creation.


The Gelfling ability to psychically connect with one another through the touch of hands; and in doing so to share memories and thoughts. 

Not title-cased. Noun is ‘a dreamfast’. No hyphen.

Dreamfasting is very intimate as it requires Gelfling to be vulnerable with one another and to share their secrets. It requires great sensitivity, trust, and trustworthiness. And in turn provides the ability to share feelings and experiences in a way that transcends words. 


Sharing of memories via physical contact. Gelfling are able to dreamfast, as is Aughra.

dream-stitch (verb)

The ability to attach memories to physical objects. 

Not title-cased. Noun is ‘a dream-stitching’. A person who dream-stitches is ‘a dream stitcher’. Hyphen is preferred but varies across usage.

Dream-stitching is the ability to fasten a memory to a physical object, which can then be passed on to others. Combining the skills of dreamfasting and dream-etching, dream-stitchers are able to tell powerful stories which invoke all the senses and stir the imagination. The stories can be transferred to others in a physical form, such as a book or painting. In Ep6, Kylan binds Brea’s memory of the All-Maudra into a dream-stitching on a Glider Seed, which they release into the winds of the Crystal Desert. All who find the seed ‘will know her as [the owner of the memory] did.’

The dreamspace 

The world within our world; a spirit realm Gelfling can connect to through dreamfasting. The Gelfling heroes are transported here in Ep5 by Aughra when she discovers the Song of Thra. Not title-cased and always preceded by ‘the’.

Drenchen clan

One of the seven Gelfling clans. Warrior clan living in the Swamp of Sog.

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The Dual Glaive

Cast in the deepest fires of the inner sun, the Dual Glaive is a two-pieced sword that carries the spirit of Thra. When wielded by Gelfling, it holds the power to unite the seven clans and defeat the Skeksis. The other Skeksis in the castle refer to it as ‘the Heretic’s Dual Glaive’. The Heretic and the Wanderer forged it as a way to preserve their knowledge.

Hidden by Ordon and Maudra Argot in the (second) Arathim War, but then found again by Rian in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”, it is the ‘key to ending Skeksis power’ (or at least it holds the key, as the Gelfling discover in the final moments of the final episode, when the lost shard of the Crystal of Truth is found to have been on the Dual Glaive’s hilt all along).

Durkin’s Deliriums

A book held in the library of Ha’rar. One of Brea’s favorites. Has information about sun frenzy and other health ailments.

The Dying Sun 

One of Thra’s three suns, known as the Three Brothers.