Sifan soothsayer who has his memory erased by Brea in Ep2.


A term used by the Stonewood (in Ep7) to refer to those looking after childlings. Like a babysitter.

Castle Guard

Official proper noun for a Gelfling guard at the Castle of the Crystal. Collectively known as the Guard. Always capitalized (like ‘All-Maudra’) Plural: ‘Castle Guards’. 

Gelfling, both male and female, from almost every clan serve at the Castle of the Crystal. Their duties include regular patrol on the castle grounds; training and servicing the Armaligs, Landstriders, and other creatures; and repairing and maintaining the castle architecture itself. While the Castle of the Crystal is one of the few locations where many Gelfling of different clans intermingle, the Skeksis secretly make sure that their communities beyond the castle remain divided.

The Castle of the Crystal 

The Skeksis’ castle, built to surround the Crystal of Truth. The urSkeks’ home and the home of the Crystal. The Skeksis took control of the Castle after the Division and re-shaped it to suit their dark natures. Made of blackened stone and shaped like a claw Occasionally known, colloquially, as ‘the Crystal Castle’ (capitalized). This is an acceptable alternative name.

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captain of the Guard

Leader of the Guard, collective name for the group of Gelfling guards protecting the Skeksis at the castle. In “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” this is Ordon, Rian’s father. ‘Captain’ is not title-cased except when it is used as a title (e.g. ‘Yes, Captain Ordon’) or in place of someone’s name (e.g. ‘Behind you, Captain!’)

The catacombs 

The elaborate cave network directly underneath the Castle of the Crystal. Full of stalactites, stalagmites, and web from the Arathim who call it their (temporary) home.

The Caves of Grot 

A large cave system. Home of the Grottan clan and the Sanctuary Tree. Sometimes shortened to Grot (including by Seladon in Ep6), which is an acceptable alternative name.

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Not referenced directly in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”, but this is the home of the Sifa clan. Found on the Sifa Coast, in the western area of Thra. Marked on the official “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” map as ‘Sifa town’. Where Onica is from.

Chamber of Life

TekTih’s laboratory underneath the Crystal of Truth. The Chamber of Life is where the Division occurred. Later taken over by the Skeksis, skekTek.

The Chamber of Lore 

A secret chamber underneath the Gelfling throne in Ha’rar where Lore has been left as a messenger. A series of puzzles are required to activate Lore. Brea stumbles across it and activates him in Ep3 and Ep4.

The Chamberlain, skekSil 

One of the most iconic Skeksis in the show, first introduced in the original movie.

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A young child, Bobb’N’s age or younger. Not to be confused with the term ‘child’, which means an older child. When used in reference to an adult, ‘childling’ becomes an insult (like calling them a baby; as Maudra Fara says to Seladon in Ep6, Ordon to Rian in Ep1, and the All-Maudra to Brea in Ep2). Aughra calls people ‘child’ affectionately in the movie. If she was calling them a baby or putting them down she would say ‘childling.’ 

The Circle

Shortened version of ‘the Circle of the Suns’ used by Rek’yr in Ep7.

The Circle of the Suns 

A mysterious rock circle atop an enormous plinth out in the middle of the Crystal Desert. Home to the Heretic and the Wanderer. The Gelfling heroes are led here in Ep7 in their search for ‘the key to ending Skeksis power’. Local Dousan consider the Circle of the Suns a cursed ruin, dangerous and forbidden. They are also known to shorten its name to ‘the Circle’.

The citadel main gate 

Main gate entrance into the Ha’rar citadel, guarded by paladins.

Clan colors

Each Gelfling clan has its own official colors.

The Claw Mountains 

A extremely tall mountain range in the northwestern region of Thra, adjacent to the Crystal Desert. In Ep3, Brea refers to Seladon as ‘colder than the Claw Mountains’.

The Collector, skekLach 

A new Skeksis introduced in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”.


A type of critter found in various contexts across Thra. Fast-moving, furry shellfish that dwell under the Castle and in the lands surrounding it. Plural: ‘Crawlies’. Often kept as pets by Gelfling (per the Chamberlain’s dialogue in Ep5). Also eaten as a delicacy at the Skeksis’ banquets, if you can catch them – they are known to barrel across the table off their plates.


Conjunction is title-cased. However it is not a term said out loud in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”.

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The Conqueror 

Original name of the Heretic before he was cast out by the other Skeksis.

coronation (Gelfling)

Seladon refers to her ‘coronation’ when staking her claim as All-Maudra. 

When an All-Maudra passes away, Windsifters will deliver six pieces of the Living Crown to six Maudras, in the hope that they will come together to reassemble it and place it upon the brow of the new All-Maudra. They either send back or return with their piece of the crown in order to deliver their blessing. Blessing takes the form, for example, ‘the Dousan bless the All-Maudra’. What follows is a coronation.

However, blessings can be withheld. A challenge can be invoked, as Maudra Fara does in Ep6 when she declares ‘I challenge Seladon for the Living Crown’. It is the right of whoever declares a challenge to pick the nature of the challenge. Fara picks ‘Trial by Air’. In “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”, a challenge hasn’t been issued for 639 trine.


Collective term used to describe the array of small creatures that live on Thra.

The Crucible

At the center of Stone-in-the-Wood is a monument called the Crucible, which also serves as the Stonewood clan’s hearth. After battle, the Stonewood Gelfling discard their weapons into the Crucible, which burns with an everlasting flame. This ritual symbolizes leaving the violence of war in the past. Hundreds of swords and spears have been deposited into the Crucible over many trine. The Stonewood do this in the hope they’ll never need these weapons again.

Please note: previously known, in the development of the show, as ‘the Crucible of Many Anvils’ but this title is no longer used and changed to ‘the Crucible’ per the final set design.

Crystal Bat

A species of winged creature that was bred and trained to carry spy crystals in their claws. Early breeds were limited to nocturnal flight only.

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The Crystal Castle 

An acceptable alternate name for the Castle of the Crystal used multiple times throughout the show, including by Naia and the Ascendancy.

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The Crystal Chamber 

Ceremonial chamber where the Crystal of Truth is kept in the Castle of the Crystal. First seen in the original movie. Home to a number of Skeksis rituals involving the Crystal, including, but not limited to, their battle ritual or a ritual where they feed off the beams of the Crystal in order to extend their lives.

The Crystal Desert 

A vast desert in the northwestern region of Thra, adjacent to the Claw Mountains. Home of the nomadic Dousan clan.

Shifting, crystal sands make every step difficult for those who travel across it. The desert seem endless and dazzling, even at night, the dunes broken only by crystal reefs and the occasional flurry of sparkling sand. Home to bony creatures adapted to survive the arid place that scurry across the sand at night. On the horizon, Crystal Skimmers skip along the dunes like fish on waves. 

Sandstorms, like the one in Ep7 that puts the Gelfling heroes in a difficult position, can appear in seconds. The Darkening has been making these storms worse of late.

The Crystal of Truth

A large, shining white crystal unearthed by the urSkeks upon their arrival on Thra. Also known as ‘the Dark Crystal’, or just ‘the Crystal’. It is the heart of Thra and the source of all life. It emits a powerful aura of energy which is amplified during certain astronomical events. Once it glowed clear and pure but it has been corrupted and twisted by the evil Skeksis. Essence-draining is possible in the series because the Crystal’s ‘magnetostatic field’ is accidentally reversed by the Scientist, causing the Crystal to take life instead of give life.

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Crystal Shard

The dagger-shaped fragment of the Crystal that was split off after the Skeksis cracked the Crystal of Truth.

Crystal Skimmer 

Giant manta ray-like creatures found in the Crystal Desert. Plural: ‘Crystal Skimmers’. As big as a boat and ridden by sandmasters and Dousan sailors. The Dousan refer to travelling by Crystal Skimmer as ‘sailing’. Rek’yr’s Crystal Skimmer is known as Bennu and transports the Gelfling heroes to the Circle of the Suns in Ep6 and Ep7.

Crystal Skimmers are social creatures that travel the Crystal Desert in huge family groups called pods. Although Skimmers are herbivorous and nonviolent, due to their size they have no predators in the desert and flourish peacefully. If someone says you’re swimming like a Skimmer, they mean you’re going with the flow—staying calm even during stressful situations.

Crystal Singer

A tiny, arachnid clan of the Arathim characterized by crystalline bodies and eight, long, black legs. They are very sensitive to the song of Thra, and are able to overhear Gelfling dreamfasts, and have the power to control other creatures with their hypnotic song.

Crystal veins

Not referred to directly in “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” but hinted at in Ep5 by a reference to ‘purple veins’ in the ground.

Canonical explanation: Crystal veins, originating from, the Crystal of Truth in the Skeksis’ castle, spread throughout Thra and deliver life to all things. Normally clear and bright, the Crystal veins of Thra have become ill. In their blight, they turn dark and purple—contact with them causes madness and rage in the usually peaceful creatures of Thra.

Crystal veins are also a gentle light source in the Caves of Grot, dimly glowing blue and white and lovely. They gently light up the caves along with the abundant glow moss.