Maudra Fara’s pet Fizzgig. Has a distinctive eyepatch.

The banquet hall

Part of the Castle of the Crystal. Where the Skeksis feast at an elongated table.

The bathhouse 

Part of the Castle of the Crystal. A new location created for the series where the Skeksis go to relax. Equivalent of a Skeksis spa, replete with benches around the edges for sitting around in bathing garments and being waited on by Podling servants, and a bathtub for soaking.

Battle of Stone-in-the-Wood

A battle during the second Arathim Wars, thirty trine before the events of the show, where a young Ordon, with the help of Maudra Argot, defeated the Arathim using the Dual Glaive then split it into two pieces and hid them. Not to be confused with the final battle between the Skeksis and the Gelfling in Ep10.


Used as part of the spa ritual for the Skeksis in Ep3. A small, jittery bug that eats dead skin from the feet of the Skeksis. Think Skeksis fish foot spa.

Bell Bird

An ancient, enormous bird whose song was said to move mountains. It is said if one blows through the hollow bone shafts from a bell bird’s feathers, it will sing the very song of Thra.


Proper name for the Crystal Skimmer that Rek’yr rides in Ep6 and Ep7 with the heroes.

The Black River

The biggest river in Thra. Originates in the Swamp of Sog in the south and snakes northwards through the Spriton Plains, the Endless Forest, the Ha’rar Foothills, and, finally, through the Northern Mountains, where it meets the Silver Sea.

The blight 

Gelfling term for the mysterious sickness destroying their crops at the start of the show. The Gelfling come to learn that this is in fact the Darkening, caused by the Skeksis’ corruption of the Crystal of Truth.

The Blue Moon

One of Thra’s three moons, collectively known as the Three Sisters


Deet’s baby brother. Note the unique capitalization on the ‘N’.


A Y-shaped length of knotted rope with stones tied to each of the three ends. Used as a weapon, the bola can be swung or thrown, enabling the wielder to ensnare prey.


One of our three heroes. Vapran princess.

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The Breath of Thra

An elaborate labyrinthine wind tunnel system underneath Thra that connects the Caves of Grot with other parts of Thra. Deet and Rian ride it from the Circle of the Suns to Domrak in Ep8.

The Brew Trough

An outdoor bar area in Stone-in-the-Wood where Stonewood Brew trickles down from the trees into a large trough. Hup gets into a fight with some rude Stonewood Gelfling here in Ep3.