"Strider Fly"
In another world, in and age of wonder, new races appeared in the Land of the Crystal. Landstriders roamed these land; tall and agile, fast and intelligent. They were good and caring creatures. Creatures that attracted the curious and the kind.

One of these such creatures were the flighty Strider Flies. Small and quick, the Strider fly is a curious creature, for this is the way Strider fly. A constant companion to the Landstrider, these two races lived in harmony. The Strider Fly enjoyed sharing the food obtained by the Landstriders as well as protection from its enemies by perching on the Landstriders back. For which of the Strider Fly's enemies would dare first attack a Landstrider?

Yet the Strider Fly did not take without giving. With it's trunk-like snout, the Strider Fly cleans its companion and removes any tasty little spyeyes or other Thra bugs from them into its belly. Two or three Strider flies together also make a wonderful distraction, buzzing in the face of threatening Garthim while the Landstriders escape.

With its six wings, the Strider fly buzzes through the air quickly. Darting too and fro, seemingly appearing where one would least expect them. A fact that can be both amusing as well as bothersome. For the Strider Fly is a curious creature as mentioned. That snout of his not only picks Spyeyes from Landstriders, but picks through anything and everything else: vests, pockets or wherever it thinks an unsuspecting Gelfling may have something tasty hidden.

Though very soft, the Strider Fly's long fur is also part of its defense. For when frightened, the Strider Fly poofs up its fur to look like a much larger, fluffy ball. And instead of its endearing beeps and chirps, it trumpets a high pitched "Weeeeeeeeeeee" to either frighten away what has scared the little fella, or possibly to just annoy it into leaving. Either way, the Strider Fly is usually quite proud of its accomplishments.
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