Gaurdraut is thought to be the last of his kind. He is a large, blind creature that roams the jungles of planet Thra. While he commonly crawls to relieve weight on his old bones, he is able to stand & walk on his hind legs.
Although very intimidating, Gardraut is friendly with wild fizzgigs. Fizzgigs, being a much smaller species are somewhat helpless against larger jungle creatures. The big spikes growing from the Gardrauts back are a Fizzgigs favorite hiding place during travel, especially when their young are present, for extra safety. Fizzgigs also blend well with the Gardrauts long, matted hair.

Gardraut wanders endlessly, as if he looking for his home & kin. While he travels he will dig a hole when he needs rest, curl up inside it with the spikes on his back sticking up from the ground to protect him from larger (though rare) creatures . Gardraut only eats plants and mostly flowers. His ability to stand helps him gather food from tall trees. Once he was able to travel at high speeds, but with his extremely old age he now moves at a slow & steady pace. The native origination and age of this mysterious creature is unknown & sightings are not common..

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