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Fan FilmEditorial Highlights
Kristin Dalleske
“The Promise”
“What an amazing job of recreating the world of the Dark Crystal! I love the detail in the environment including the small creatures. Every one of the many puppets could be right out of the original film. Each one is beautifully built and well performed. Set in a time before the classic film but after the period in which J.E. Lee’s new young adult novel takes place, the Gelfings are only just discovering the true nature of the Skeksis. I am interested in the protagonist’s dilemma and feel that the film ties directly into how we have been thinking about this world. Thank you for all that you put into this film. Well done!” – Cheryl Henson 

“The high level of craftsmanship, creative care and extreme attention to detail is truly outstanding and the film stands out as being the one that embodies the spirit of Jim Henson’s original film, while taking it to a brand new level of artistry and originality. Furthermore, the film excelled in all the areas judges from the competition were asked to weigh in on. A one-of-a-kind gem!” – Blanca Lista
James Pendleton
“Gich and the Skystone”
“I love Gitch! What a great character! He is well performed and designed. Love the light up eyes! The ending provides a satisfying twist! Wonderful film well made.” – Cheryl Henson
Jack Venturo
“Akasta- The Salvation of Thra”
“I love this film! I imagine it being shot out on the empty desert plain and by the stream in a forest glade. Wonderful puppets. The rock and the bark creatures are inventive and well performed. Their integration into the environment is very well done. Nice story with a clever twist at the end.” – Cheryl Henson 
Troy Mullin
“What an amazing Aughra puppet! Fantastic! Lovely forest creatures too – the owl and turtle fellow are particularly charming. I like the simplicity and clarity of the story. This is an important moment well played.” – Cheryl Henson
Gina Wetzel
“The Heart of the Forest”
“Gorgeous illustrations! It is fascinating to see the world of the Dark Crystal brought to life in a different style. Some of the characters are more similar to humans than exist in the original film. But beautiful work.” – Cheryl Henson 

“It’s thrilling to look at different artistic mediums! The filmmaker did a marvelous job taking the love they have for the original Dark Crystal movie and revisited the world in animation which was exquisitely exciting. It was lovely to enjoy a take that explored the femininity of Dark Crystal. The music was equally gorgeous. The technique, the color palette, the characters and who they were brought to life, all was superb!” – Blanca Lista
Joshua Hoareau
“The Great Conjunction”
“Fantastic integration of live action and puppet characters. I love seeing this live Gelling run through a natural environment and interacting with the two beautiful puppet UrSkeks. A lovely story well told. Poetic and kind.” – Cheryl Henson
Randall McNair
“Fizzy and Frank”
“Even though the piece does not take place in the world of Dark Crystal, this film was indeed the most original! Dark Crystal is a serious movie, so rediscovering the characters through comedy was a deeply exciting, playful and brave venture! Experiencing what it might have been to witness the making of Dark Crystal was both inventive and unique, to give the audience the chance to access how characters work together behind the scenes was lots of fun. And the truth is, making a movie is indeed the greatest fun! The film captured the essence of such experience, such adventure beautifully. The overall production values, casting and quality of the performance were very impresssive.” – Blanca Lista
Emma Florien
“So sweet! Absolutely charming!” – Cheryl Henson 

“There is something quite beautiful about the simplicity of the idea produced in the film. The contest had length limitation and the director crafted a charming and adorable piece with strong restrictions. The film was evocative, portraying two of the most loved characters in Dark Crystal in an impressive and inspiring way.” – Blanca Lista
Steven Dirckze
“The Wanderer”
“What a wild concept! Bringing together Mokey Fraggle with a wise Mystic! This is truly inspired! I never realized how well their mystical wisdom relate to each other! The puppets are quite impressive, well made and performed.” – Cheryl Henson 

“The short film was special and wonderfully captured the element of surprise in a very refreshing way. It was great to see two of the most iconic works of Jim Henson together in one piece. It’s funny that we do not often think of them together, but the film felt like visiting family, like being with your cousins. The intimacy felt authentic and true to Jim Henson’s desire to create characters that were familiar and could be visited, just like the film explored. It felt truly timeless.” – Blanca Lista
Dave Haaz-Baroque (Hasbrouck)
“Dude, Where’s My Shard?”
“This is very very funny! It made me laugh almost as hard as ” Fizzy and Frank”. So so funny! The story and dialogue are very well done and show a deep knowledge and appreciation of the film. The puppetry is not very sophisticated but the characters are clear and the writing is brilliant.” – Cheryl Henson 
Clay Achee
“Twiggly’s Battle”
“A charming story. I like that the film takes place on the side of an existing scene in the film. A reminder of how much drama can exist in the everyday lives of little creatures. Nice puppets with a story well told.” – Cheryl Henson 
Saara March
“UrZin the Seeker”
“I love the simplicity and quiet pacing of this film. A Mystic on his journey through life. It is poetic and beautifully done. Lovely Mystic puppet.” – Cheryl Henson 

“The original Dark Crystal film felt quite contemplative in nature due to the limitations of the different technological devices avalable back in the early 1980s. The short film was able to capture this reflective feeling just like in our classic Dark Crystal film. It’s a remarkable achievement and a beautiful homage to the creative style of the original movie.” – Blanca Lista
Glen Baisley (Bill Diamond)
“Rise of the Skeksis”
“What an enormous undertaking! So many puppets, many of which are beautifully made and well performed. An impressive job. Congratulation on an enormous undertaking.” – Cheryl Henson 
Jay Stelling
“Between the Three Suns”
Two Womack
“Born of Light”
Herbert M. Gandy
Ruben Najera
Connor Asher
“Dawn of the Crystal”
Carolyn Parker
“Elska A Podling’s Story”
Joe O’brien
“Neoma and the Fallen Sun”
Sari Eliza
“One Without Heart”
Philip Mitchell
“Reprisal of the Dark Crystal”
JB Culp
“The Crystal Alchemist”
Michiel van der Valk
“The Crystal of Truth”
Greg Stephens
“The Dark Crystal is Healed”
Ron Ferrara & Kory Merritt
“The Heart of Thra”
Tania Yager
“The Seer of Thra”
Carter Hadlow
“The Tragic Discovery”
Jayden Libran
“Vlodrack: The Last Skeksis of Thra”

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